Peace, Now. Because It’s Very Important.

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I can’t help it; I have to talk about it.  It’s this historic thing that happened and I saw it and so did Anson and Roan even knows it happened.  For the first time as a family, we’re celebrating a day that will be written about forever.  As always, Roan has his own perception of the world.  His world is easily a much lovelier one than mine, so I’m happy when he shares it with me. 


Roan informed me after school that he wants to be President of the United States.  I immediately began pondering what improvements he’d make stylistically to the wardrobes of politicians in general when he outed his real motivation: “The White House has three-hundred-sixty-two-and-two-thousand-one bedrooms, and a bowling alley.”  Clearly if one loves to sleep in a different bed every night forever (I’m pretty sure that number means forever), and bowl, then being President is the correct occupation.  Later that evening when we were having dinner at our friend’s home, Roan again recounted his ambition, and his reasoning.  Sophia (yes, Sophia of the Slumber Party fame) immediately informed Roan, “Then, I’m going to be your wife”.  And that was that. 


On our walk home, I was able to get a more earnest look into Roan’s mind.  He stopped me on the sidewalk and pulled me down to him.  “I think Obama is going to get us back to the real country”, he said.  I asked him what the real country was.  Roan then told me that in all the movies he’s seen about presidents, in all the articles he’s had read to him, they never told Roan we were at war.  Earlier this afternoon it had come up that our country was at war, though I didn’t see it register on his face, this must have concerned Roan.  On our walk home he let me know that Obama was going to get us back to what was our “real country”.  That meant a country that was not at war, a peaceful country.  I certainly don’t know if that is our “real country”.  But I agreed with Roan in his hope that President Obama could do that for us.  Then Roan added, “I think he’ll do it tonight, before he goes to bed.  It’s his first day, and it’s very important”.  I wish I was five.


And Roan, before he went to bed, told me one more thing you may want to know.  He said that while Anson and I are asleep, after midnight, he gets up and watches the news.  Roan let me know that the news has announced that we will have a girl president soon, and she’s in someone’s belly right this very minute.  He also said that she may be not black, and not white but a different color, “like pinkish purple”.  I totally don’t know what channel he’s watching but I think I’m getting Fox News blocked ASAP.


67 responses to “Peace, Now. Because It’s Very Important.

  1. Actually I’m surprised you don’t already have Fox blocked. But seriously, if the world was run by five year olds, we’d probably have world peace as well as daily snack time. A far bit better than we have now.

  2. Well said Roan. Ah the wisdom, insight and hopefully foresight of our young children. I can’t wait to see the pinkish purple lady President. Sounds like it just may happen in my lifetime. Maybe my son could be First Man. He likes pinkish purple.

  3. Well you should know that Boone was talking about his own inevitable presidency, but relax. He told me that Roan wants to be president too and then said he and Ro would serve the country together as co-presidents. No vee-pee. Co-pee. He asked if it’s ever done that way? I told him it hasn’t been, but the current way hasn’t either.Might as well give it a shot.Anything’s possible.

  4. I think Roan’s got it right about getting back to the “real country.” Great story!

  5. Dear Roan, I found your blog* through your Uncle Fat Cyclist’s (*your Mum may think it’s her’s, but we know better), and I have to tell you that if everyone in the USA (I’m from London, England)is like you and your family, the “real country” can’t be far away.If I could vote, you’d have mine for surePaul W

  6. This made me giggle out loud! Roan, you are an awesome little human! And, your Mom and Dad must be too!p.s. I voted for your Mom and your Uncle!

  7. Roan is NOT watching Fox- he’s tuned into some super cool cosmic channel.

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