Last of the Super Glam Prizes – Colbert Report Tickets

This is the last prize to be offered here on Pistols + Popcorn as part of my Livestrong Challenge effort.  Raffle tickets will be available online until midnight (EST) on Monday the 29th; every $5.00 donated will generate a virtual raffle ticket, with the winners for all the prizes being drawn at Layla Jones in Brooklyn on Tuesday.  All raffles will re-open at the event, and prizes will be given out all night.  Party starts at 5:00 until approximately 8:00 (if I can stay awake that late.)  (Do I know I am pathetic?  Yes.)  (Does that change anything?  No.) 

Starting today, you have the chance to get impossible-to-get tickets to a taping of the Colbert Report!  While these tickets are free to the public, they are currently unavailable through July of 2010.  That’s a mighty long time but I’m here to tell you…if you want to fight cancer, and get a chance to see Colbert, donate any amount directly here, my Livestrong Challenge Page and you just may win.

To recap all the available prizes, just so you can figure out how to best spend your $5.00 on Tuesday night (after you buy some of the best pizza you will ever eat):





One response to “Last of the Super Glam Prizes – Colbert Report Tickets

  1. Hey jodiGood luck with the event bummer we’ll miss it we come home the next day. I hope you make buckets of money and cure cancer!! Next event we have I’m for sure hiring you. You have made mountains move with this thing. Split my tickets for lori’s painting, shutter island and the segway tour. yahoo!! I feel it we are on our way to big things me and Harald!! I expect a serious post about the aftermath of the event.thx lynn

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