How’d It Go? It Went Really, Really Well, Thanks.

Whatever.  I had no idea when I planned June 30 as the evening for my Livestrong Challenge Fundraiser in the beautiful backyard of Layla Jones that we would be in the middle of the Apocalypse with the Biblical rain and whatnot.  Still, my Brooklyn people are a magnificent species of fundraise-ees and we triumphed! Despite the umbrellas over the tables that apparently were of a decorative more than utilitarian variety, most people had some pretty soaking wet clothes and hair but here’s the thing: everyone was smiling.  The spirit of the night could not be rained out, and that made everything feel right as rain.  So to speak.


The Pistols + Popcorn team raised $5,000 all for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  I had some amazing prizes to give out – and as it turns out some of the distribution of some of the prizes turned out to be pretty damn cool.  Here’s a run down:


Tickets to the Red Carpet Premier of “Shutter Island” were awarded to Michelle Weber.  Michelle is the beauty brains and brawn behind Thursday Night Smackdown.  She plugged the hell out this event in her own writings, and donated plenty of her own money.  I’m so happy to have this lady and her super-cool husband on the carpet.  I will be buying every copy of US Weekly, IN Touch, and People that they appear in, and hope to be a regular in their eventual and inevitable reality series.


Appaman Clothing Set went to Beth Hulme.  Who the?  Well, that’s Anson’s sister and I did not put the fix in but you know….his family has to love me just a little more for bringing awards and riches into their realm, no?


Speaking of Appaman, the Segway Tour of the Hudson Valley went to Lynn and Harald, the people behind Appaman.  I cannot think of any two people I would rather spend an afternoon with, our helmets on, me occasionally breaking the rules by reaching over the handlebars and touching hands with Lynn.  What?  My life is lived in slow motion with soft focus filters and Air Supply playing in the background.  Why do you think I’m pregnant again?


And who better to win the Colbert Report tickets than a local church, CCfB? The beautiful thing here is that I’d guess each member of the congregation is an avid fan of the show.  This speaks to why this church is so cool that they would even be aware of the badness that is Pistols + Popcorn.  Yeh.  If any of the members are wondering….Casey assures me that she’s willing to donate her time to go to the show. She’s a giver!


Speaking of CCfB – another friend from there won the tickets to the All Points West show.  It’s a little suspicious because truthfully I was totally indebted to her anyway because she created the flyers for this event in no time and for no money, with a song in her heart and birds chirping in her ears.  But again, read my lips, I did not fix any of these contests.  Yay Sarah!!  (By the way do yourself a favor and check out her site – she’s a gifted graphic designer and unfairly talented in the creativity department.  You’re welcome everyone.)


Finally – the hand painted portrait by Lori Nelson.  Let me preface this with part of a comment left not too long ago by my old High School friend, LeLaLu (or Lauren, as we call her) directed towards my sister:


BTW, your art is truly, hauntingly beautiful. Some day when I have $ to burn, I’ll commission you to paint my sweet firstborn boy.


Lauren’s sweet firstborn boy is named Acanaan.  I cannot tell their story because I don’t own those words.  I can say that the words would tell the story of a young mother who loves her son the way we mothers love our boys.  The words would then describe the profound loss she experienced when she lost Acanaan, at age twelve, to Leukemia.  I can’t even imagine those words, to tell that story.  But it is a hugely important story.  Still, it’s only part of her ongoing story which continues with her two other sons and loving man. 


I read Lauren’s comment and had to put a donation in her name, for the portrait, hoping that somehow things would align.  They did, and when Roan pulled her name out of the soaking wet paper bag, I was glad for the rain so I could turn my face away and back to my friends with tears and no questions.  Lori was equally happy. 


There were more winners –


Painted Pot Birthday Party went to Jackson

Painted Pot Pottery Classes went to Antoinette, as did the Big Movies for Little Kids Season Passes (though she feels guilty for winning twice)

Boone who I will be taking with me to Vegas next time I’m feeling like gambling won:

“Kitchen Play Dates” by Lauren Bank Deen

A Haircut by Lola Newsom at Hello Beautiful

One Year Unlimited Pass at Area Yoga

Lauren won a $75 Gift Certificate from Catbird

Abigail won a sassy Leather Bag from Exit 9

$50 Gift Certificate from Exit 9 went to Sachin (who shared it with Roan.  Sachin = awesome)

Roan’s cast signing project was a huge success – he was overwhelmed with signers, and I’m posting the picture which came from furthest away, from Ingrid, via her proxy, my neice Emmie.  Thanks Ingrid.



I just wish I had better words than “Thank You” to all the people who donated their money and all the people who donated prizes.  But that’s what I have, and so that’s what you all get.  Thank you, from my whole heart, for giving me the ways and means to feel like we CAN do something to fight this violent disease.  It means the whole world to me.  Thank you. 


9 responses to “How’d It Go? It Went Really, Really Well, Thanks.

  1. And a HUGE thank you to you Jodi!!! You continue to amaze and inspire me. If more people took this cancer challenge personally like you have, we’d have it licked in no time!Well, I guess cancer can’t be all bad…Yes it kills people and makes families and countless individuals suffer untold hardships…. but look at the community building that happened around this cause. And the catalyst for growth and change it is for those faced with this illness. I saw a shining example of courage, humility, peace, love, and beautiful surrender in my son the last few months of his life.Don’t get me wrong, I want this disease going the way of smallpox just as much as anyone… I’m just continually amazed at the indomitable human spirit, which can generate hope and love even in the darkest of hours.Jodi- you rock- yes, you know this, just had to say it again. Thank you a million times over for the amazing work you’ve done, and for your thoughtful generosity. And the gift of Lori’s painting…I’m speechless. Let me just say, that I’ve been waiting for the right image of Acanaan to place on my wall. Something more than a photo, which captures his magical spirit…something I can look at every day with joy in my heart. That day has come. This is so much more than a painting to me. It is a memorial. I am so grateful.

  2. I have been a reader for a long time, but have never commented. I feel like I’m not good at expressing myself but I cannot help but do it now. To Lauren, who won the painting and left such a wonderful and insightful comment, I wish you peace. I hope for happiness in your life because you have lived through enough sadness for 1000 lives. To have the perspective and hope and joy that comes through when you leave comments here is inspiring to a woman like myself. Thank you to Lauren and Jodi for standing up and making a difference. Congratulations to both of you.

  3. Jodi – I am so so happy all went well – I am sad I could not be there but I send a huge pat on the back and hug on your neck. soon… soon!!!! xoxox

  4. Thanks so much for your comment Kathy-I feel like I’m just passing-on the inspiration that my son was to me. So glad that the inspiration keeps flowing out and touching more lives. Props to Jodi for having the hutzpah to put her words and works out there.Oh, and I think you express yourself quite well also!

  5. thanks for giving me a way to feel of use in fighting cancer. i’d draw 100 pictures a day if it found a cure.

  6. Congratulations on raising such a nice amount of money and making some well deserving people happy with some well deserved prizes!Thanks for the picture of the windmill 🙂 – are there any festivities in your neighborhood to celebrate the 400 year relationschip of the Netherlands and Brooklyn/New York?Still looking forward to the ‘translation’ of schrat…..

  7. Lauren – your ability to see the good things that went down in Acanaan’s life are such a tribute to him. I’ve always known you were something special, but even knowing that – you still are a tremendous woman and mother. I’m excited to see what comes of this painting.Kathy L. – Lauren’s correct, you express yourself very well. Please speak up any time you feel like it. This was a great time to start.Jodi M – sister that is just fine. But I do need you to come and see me and pat my belly for good luck. It will only be magical for a limited time.Sarah – your flyer is awesome. I wish I had your way of putting words and images together. Thank you for your help, for showing up, for taking in the rain, and for winning. Ingrid – OK! So glad you asked, I keep forgetting to answer. “Schrat” is Roan’s special and most excellent way of spelling “straight” which I guess he thinks identifies his hair more than any color. I’m going to have to look into festivites question, though I’d be surprised if there were none. Brooklyn loves a good party.

  8. are a small country but always like to think we are responsible for big things… Manhattan started Dutch until we (under a lot of pressure) swapped it for Surinam with the British.Brooklyn is actually the english pronunciation of Breukelen, a nice village in the west of the Netherlands.Aren’t you glad the English have taken over? Otherwise you would now be building dikes, eating cheese and walking on wooden shoes :-)And thanks for the translation! I can now sleep again……

  9. Glad it went well, and sorry we couldn’t be there (we were out of town). Good to see CCfB was represented 🙂

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