Super Glam Prize – Segway of the Hudson Valley

This past weekend contained too much drama and intensity for me to get my narrative on (but in order to not be overly dramatic myself, I must say that everything is ok and of course you’re going to hear all about it), so luckily I have a friend who is interested in raising money for the Livestrong Challenge who has not only donated a tremendously generous prize, but has also described it well beyond what I could ever do.  Checkitout, from Segway of the Hudson Valley:

You’ve been reading her blog for years. You voted her into the winner’s circle of the Bloggies and you know more about her than you know about your grandma. You’ve heard all about the Segway Personal Transporter but don’t understand it as it defies what your Physics teacher taught you. You giggle at these things, but secretly really (really really) want to take one out for a spin.  You also have some strong animosity towards Cancer and want to help fight it. 

If this sounds like you (and you know it does), you’ll want to be buying a raffle ticket for the Pistols ‘n Popcorn Segway Tour of the Hudson River & Historic Poughkeepsie. Long name, no doubt, but loads of fun. You’ll get to glide (that’s what us Segway folks call it) along the Hudson with Jodi & Anson on your very own Segway PT for at least 2 hours, taking in the gorgeous Hudson River. You’ll get to scope the bridge that held the title of Longest Bridge In The World for a measly 2 weeks before Jodi’s own Brooklyn Bridge stole the title. You’ll learn all about the elusive river monster that lurks in the Hudson. You’ll see (& covet) one hell of a mustache one of the Segway guys sports. You get to get out of the damn city for a day & enjoy the rest of New York (gasp!). Did I mention you get to hang with Jodi? And fight cancer at the same time??


Listen people: Jason from Segway of the Hudson Valley has offered up six spots (which doesn’t include the two spots that Anson and I are stealing for ourselves.  I’ve held out long enough, and really really want to do this.)  Each spot has a value of $65.00.  For every $5.00 donation you make to my Livestrong Challenge page, a virtual raffle ticket will be generated for you to win all six spots.  The winner will be drawn at the Fundraiser we are holding on June 30th at Layla Jones Pizza here in lovely balmy Brooklyn.  We love to get out of the city and into nature, especially during the summer, no?.  Here’s a chance for a quickie, with friends.  Scheduling will be worked around you, so really why haven’t you clicked here to donate yet?  Oh, you were waiting for me to be quiet?  Ok.  I’m done for now.  Good luck!  (If you’re wondering why I’m involved with the Livestrong Challenge, click here.  If you’re curious about other prizes available, click here.  All raffles will re-open on the night of June 30, in person at Layla Jones Pizza.)  (OK, for reals now I’m done and will be quiet.)


5 responses to “Super Glam Prize – Segway of the Hudson Valley

  1. Hi. What’s the age range for this appealing activity. Thank you. I’ll take my answer off the air.

  2. OOOOH You are coming down to my neck of the woods!! I will have to buy a ticket or two!! Is there an age/weight limit on these things? They kind of look like they can only hold small(er) people?

  3. You must be at least 14 and have a parent/guardian with you on the Tour. I’ve had a 93 year old man on my Tour whom never rode a bike, he had it down in about 15 minuets; if you can walk up a flight of stairs you can glide on a Segway PT. The Segway PT is rated for 260lbs BUT Shaq has one and he hasn’t been 260 since he came out of the womb. The ‘limit’ is on the low end of what it is capable handling – I don’t ask people to step on a scale or anything like that.

  4. okay so i bought a shit ton of tickets last week to go to the premiere of the Scorsese movie for Harald but I kinda want this prize or your sis’s painting. Are my tickets in all the raffles or just the movie one because if possible can you divide my tickets up so they go for all the prizes except Appaman ( I kinda got an in with them). thanks kido and man are you strong I would have freaked after your Saturday night ugh!!! send Roan our love and strength!!!thankslynn

  5. Lynn!Where you been, lady?  I haven’t seen you ’round the way.  No mind – yeh it was a bad night, but that boy – he’s bounced back and has some super cool art on the cast so you know – there’s always an upside.  I’m happy to divide your tickets up.  You sure you don’t want in the Appaman one?  Are you sure you’re in with them?  Because a lot of people say they are, but then they really are not and I’m just sayin….And tell your mamacita we will for sure be finding out the sex of this new kid on the block.  I LOVE information – suprises give me anxiety.  So….of course I’ll announce it as soon as I know.  I should start taking bets.Thanks you!

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