Tonight! Be There or Be Square (and not in a cool hipster ironic way)!

Well this has to be quick as I am busy writing the name of each person who donated to my Livestrong Challenge Page on the back of thousands of raffle tickets.  Today coincidentally is also Spike Lee day here in Brooklyn, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Do the Right Thing”.  (Yes, you really are that old, but that’s ok because so am I.)   As today is the end of my fundraising efforts (for this event, anyway), I like the theme of “Do the Right Thing”, because each person has done exactly that, and then some (but let’s not trash the pizza joint like in the movie, agreed?)


So thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and to everyone who plans on attending tonight and donating.  All winners will be drawn tonight at Layla Jones Pizza (obviously kid-friendly bring ’em) beginning at 5, ending at 8ish.  The winners will be posted here on Pistols tomorrow (or Thursday if I have to emergency-sleep the day away tomorrow.  Not that I’m tired or anything.  Nope, top of the world, never felt better and I have energy running out of my eyeballs.  Yeh.)


One Roan note, because after all who would I be if I didn’t name-drop that guy?  He decided he wanted to donate something, and offered space on his cast.  It was reinforced and re-wrapped yesterday, so it is (sort-of) clean.  Roan will be accepting donations tonight to sign his cast, with all proceeds going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, because as he said, “Cancer is bad and we have to fight.”  Then he started throwing crosses, uppercuts, and Muay Thai kicks and something tells me Cancer does not stand a chance.


7 responses to “Tonight! Be There or Be Square (and not in a cool hipster ironic way)!

  1. I hope evrything goes well!

  2. I hope everything goes well!

  3. Colorado Mama

    What an amazing job you have done. You are as amazing as your son!

  4. First of all I want to wish you all a great evening!And second: I would like to buy some space on Roan’s cast. If he (or someone else) can draw a Dutch windmill for me? Payment will be done in a moment via the Livestrong page! Hope $15 will be enough? Can you add ‘WIN Susan’ for that amount too?

  5. See you there! My daughter is looking forward to the pizza! I’m hoping to win something, donating in person.

  6. Ingrid – that is awesome – thank you so much. Roan cannot believe he already made 15 dollars which in child language is oh lesseee….carry the one….and…A MILLION dollars. I will get my talented sister Lori to draw the windmill, and I will add the WIN Susan. Jamieson – thanks for planning on getting there! I’m hoping you win something too. There are a lot of prizes – so you know – your chances are good.

  7. I would love to see a picture of that cast after you have finished!Oh, and Roan can do one more thing for his million dollars: please, please tell me what color is ‘schrat’? I am dying to know ever since your post of June 10th….

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