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How’d It Go? It Went Really, Really Well, Thanks.

Whatever.  I had no idea when I planned June 30 as the evening for my Livestrong Challenge Fundraiser in the beautiful backyard of Layla Jones that we would be in the middle of the Apocalypse with the Biblical rain and whatnot.  Still, my Brooklyn people are a magnificent species of fundraise-ees and we triumphed! Despite the umbrellas over the tables that apparently were of a decorative more than utilitarian variety, most people had some pretty soaking wet clothes and hair but here’s the thing: everyone was smiling.  The spirit of the night could not be rained out, and that made everything feel right as rain.  So to speak.


The Pistols + Popcorn team raised $5,000 all for the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  I had some amazing prizes to give out – and as it turns out some of the distribution of some of the prizes turned out to be pretty damn cool.  Here’s a run down:


Tickets to the Red Carpet Premier of “Shutter Island” were awarded to Michelle Weber.  Michelle is the beauty brains and brawn behind Thursday Night Smackdown.  She plugged the hell out this event in her own writings, and donated plenty of her own money.  I’m so happy to have this lady and her super-cool husband on the carpet.  I will be buying every copy of US Weekly, IN Touch, and People that they appear in, and hope to be a regular in their eventual and inevitable reality series.


Appaman Clothing Set went to Beth Hulme.  Who the?  Well, that’s Anson’s sister and I did not put the fix in but you know….his family has to love me just a little more for bringing awards and riches into their realm, no?


Speaking of Appaman, the Segway Tour of the Hudson Valley went to Lynn and Harald, the people behind Appaman.  I cannot think of any two people I would rather spend an afternoon with, our helmets on, me occasionally breaking the rules by reaching over the handlebars and touching hands with Lynn.  What?  My life is lived in slow motion with soft focus filters and Air Supply playing in the background.  Why do you think I’m pregnant again?


And who better to win the Colbert Report tickets than a local church, CCfB? The beautiful thing here is that I’d guess each member of the congregation is an avid fan of the show.  This speaks to why this church is so cool that they would even be aware of the badness that is Pistols + Popcorn.  Yeh.  If any of the members are wondering….Casey assures me that she’s willing to donate her time to go to the show. She’s a giver!


Speaking of CCfB – another friend from there won the tickets to the All Points West show.  It’s a little suspicious because truthfully I was totally indebted to her anyway because she created the flyers for this event in no time and for no money, with a song in her heart and birds chirping in her ears.  But again, read my lips, I did not fix any of these contests.  Yay Sarah!!  (By the way do yourself a favor and check out her site – she’s a gifted graphic designer and unfairly talented in the creativity department.  You’re welcome everyone.)


Finally – the hand painted portrait by Lori Nelson.  Let me preface this with part of a comment left not too long ago by my old High School friend, LeLaLu (or Lauren, as we call her) directed towards my sister:


BTW, your art is truly, hauntingly beautiful. Some day when I have $ to burn, I’ll commission you to paint my sweet firstborn boy.


Lauren’s sweet firstborn boy is named Acanaan.  I cannot tell their story because I don’t own those words.  I can say that the words would tell the story of a young mother who loves her son the way we mothers love our boys.  The words would then describe the profound loss she experienced when she lost Acanaan, at age twelve, to Leukemia.  I can’t even imagine those words, to tell that story.  But it is a hugely important story.  Still, it’s only part of her ongoing story which continues with her two other sons and loving man. 


I read Lauren’s comment and had to put a donation in her name, for the portrait, hoping that somehow things would align.  They did, and when Roan pulled her name out of the soaking wet paper bag, I was glad for the rain so I could turn my face away and back to my friends with tears and no questions.  Lori was equally happy. 


There were more winners –


Painted Pot Birthday Party went to Jackson

Painted Pot Pottery Classes went to Antoinette, as did the Big Movies for Little Kids Season Passes (though she feels guilty for winning twice)

Boone who I will be taking with me to Vegas next time I’m feeling like gambling won:

“Kitchen Play Dates” by Lauren Bank Deen

A Haircut by Lola Newsom at Hello Beautiful

One Year Unlimited Pass at Area Yoga

Lauren won a $75 Gift Certificate from Catbird

Abigail won a sassy Leather Bag from Exit 9

$50 Gift Certificate from Exit 9 went to Sachin (who shared it with Roan.  Sachin = awesome)

Roan’s cast signing project was a huge success – he was overwhelmed with signers, and I’m posting the picture which came from furthest away, from Ingrid, via her proxy, my neice Emmie.  Thanks Ingrid.



I just wish I had better words than “Thank You” to all the people who donated their money and all the people who donated prizes.  But that’s what I have, and so that’s what you all get.  Thank you, from my whole heart, for giving me the ways and means to feel like we CAN do something to fight this violent disease.  It means the whole world to me.  Thank you. 


Tonight! Be There or Be Square (and not in a cool hipster ironic way)!

Well this has to be quick as I am busy writing the name of each person who donated to my Livestrong Challenge Page on the back of thousands of raffle tickets.  Today coincidentally is also Spike Lee day here in Brooklyn, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Do the Right Thing”.  (Yes, you really are that old, but that’s ok because so am I.)   As today is the end of my fundraising efforts (for this event, anyway), I like the theme of “Do the Right Thing”, because each person has done exactly that, and then some (but let’s not trash the pizza joint like in the movie, agreed?)


So thank you to everyone who has donated so far, and to everyone who plans on attending tonight and donating.  All winners will be drawn tonight at Layla Jones Pizza (obviously kid-friendly bring ’em) beginning at 5, ending at 8ish.  The winners will be posted here on Pistols tomorrow (or Thursday if I have to emergency-sleep the day away tomorrow.  Not that I’m tired or anything.  Nope, top of the world, never felt better and I have energy running out of my eyeballs.  Yeh.)


One Roan note, because after all who would I be if I didn’t name-drop that guy?  He decided he wanted to donate something, and offered space on his cast.  It was reinforced and re-wrapped yesterday, so it is (sort-of) clean.  Roan will be accepting donations tonight to sign his cast, with all proceeds going to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, because as he said, “Cancer is bad and we have to fight.”  Then he started throwing crosses, uppercuts, and Muay Thai kicks and something tells me Cancer does not stand a chance.

Last of the Super Glam Prizes – Colbert Report Tickets

This is the last prize to be offered here on Pistols + Popcorn as part of my Livestrong Challenge effort.  Raffle tickets will be available online until midnight (EST) on Monday the 29th; every $5.00 donated will generate a virtual raffle ticket, with the winners for all the prizes being drawn at Layla Jones in Brooklyn on Tuesday.  All raffles will re-open at the event, and prizes will be given out all night.  Party starts at 5:00 until approximately 8:00 (if I can stay awake that late.)  (Do I know I am pathetic?  Yes.)  (Does that change anything?  No.) 

Starting today, you have the chance to get impossible-to-get tickets to a taping of the Colbert Report!  While these tickets are free to the public, they are currently unavailable through July of 2010.  That’s a mighty long time but I’m here to tell you…if you want to fight cancer, and get a chance to see Colbert, donate any amount directly here, my Livestrong Challenge Page and you just may win.

To recap all the available prizes, just so you can figure out how to best spend your $5.00 on Tuesday night (after you buy some of the best pizza you will ever eat):




Super Glam Prize – Appaman! Woooo-Hoooo!

If you’ve been keeping up with the life and times of Roan and myself, then you understand our brand loyalty to Appaman.  Now – let me just tell you all that even way way way before we met the people behind the brand, we were fans.  The fact that the designers live in our hood and are the kind of people you’d want to live on a commune with just adds to our Appaman love.  But, the clothing stands alone; it is the cuteness.

Appaman has donated a girl’s set or boy’s set of clothing to my Livestrong Challenge raffle.  For every $5.00 you donate, a virtual ticket will be issued for you to win either:



  • straight leg dark wash denim (RSP $60)
  • denim jacket (RSP $66)
  • railroad carpenter pant (RSP $60)
  • Appaman footbal jersey (RSP $32)





  • straight leg dark wash denim (RSP $60)
  • denim jacket (RSP $66)
  • carpenter railroad skirt (RSP $48)
  • Appaman football jersey (RSP $32) 


The available sizes are 6m – 8. Once the winner is chosen on June 30th, at Layla Jones Pizza, he or she can submit their child’s size and Appaman will ship the prizes on to you directly. 


To enter, click here and donate any amount.  To find out why I’m participating in this fundraising effort, click here.  To take a look at some of the other prizes, all of which will re-open on the night of the 30th, click here.  Best of luck!

Super Glam Prize – Portrait by Lori Nelson

[Special plea from me: The voting works again, so if you feel like I shouldn’t be getting clobbered in the Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks for Best Brooklyn Blog, click here, vote for me, and then come back to see what cool things are in store for you here, today.  Thanks!]

Super Glam Prize!

Beginning today, right now, yes this minute for every $5.00 you donate to my Livestrong Challenge Page (to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation), a virtual raffle ticket will be generated for you.  The winner will be drawn at our fundraising event to be held at Layla Jones Pizza on June 30th, beginning at 5:00 pm.  You do not need to be present to win, but you do need to be present to eat their pizza, which I DO recommend above all others.  Indeed.

What are you entering to win?  A hand painted portrait of your child by New York artist phenom Lori Nelson.  I would tell you how awesome she is and how magical her work is, but why don’t you just take an eyeful right here, right now, and then help me fight cancer and hopefully get a piece of artwork you will love forever and ever, by clicking here and donating any amount.  Every increment of $5.00 gets you one ticket.  (Secret pointer to help you win: I’d get a few.)  Just an FYI: you do not need to live in NY to win this prize.  Lori can work off a picture, and knows how to ship things.  She’s not just talented, she’s smart as well.


Also one more announcement:  If you live anywhere within the Tri-State area, you’ve already heard Roan screaming this from the rooftops.  Or if you’ve passed him on the street, he’s probably at least whispered it to you.  He has asked me if I’ve told the people that read about him (yes, he knows you exist, and lets me know what things are ok to talk about.  He’s like Tony Danza – He’s the Boss.)  I told him no I haven’t written about it yet, and he looked at me like I wasn’t speaking English.  So, I’ll let his workbook exercise from last night fill you in.  Get your decoder rings on…

  My name is: roan
I am 5 3/4 years old.
I was born on Dec 19.
I have schrat hair.
I have tow eyes.
My mother’s name is Jodi.
My father’s name is anson.
My favorite food is PIZZa.
My favorite color is all

  My favorite book is CHaPR Books.
My favorite movie is all on my TV. 
My favorite thins to do are SWIng VIDYO Gaem

   My brothers and sisters are In Moms Tomy.

(You see where we went with that?  It’s true.  Except it isn’t “brothers and sisters”, it is one or the other.  We all agree that we’ll be cool with either.  Roan is seriously excited about this, and already has taken to letting me know when he thinks my belly is getting fat, which is always nice to hear.)

New Super Glam Prize – Win All Points West Tickets

And so the big announcement – beginning today, every $5.00 you donate to the Pistols + Popcorn Livestrong Challenge page will generate a virtual raffle tickets to All Points West.  To find out why I’m participating in the Livestrong Challenge click here.  To find out what other prizes will be on the block click here.  This prize is the one that tempted me to forego all my good intentions, keep the booty and then just dodge the philanthropist that donated them to the cause.   But no can’t do it but YES I thought about it and there I said it.  I’ve gone back and forth on should I divide this prize up so there are more winners or should someone just hit the jackpot Super Glam Style?  I’m all all about Super Glam Style obviously, so I’m keeping this prize as one giant win for whomever is the lucky devil that is chosen.  And also – can I tell you something?  I’m not Dooce or The Pioneer Woman or The Fat Cyclist over here.  I’ve got an awesome readership (some including me (but not including my mother) would say a larger readership than I deserve) but your chances of winning a prize in this thing are very very very good.  I don’t know the odds but they’re better than most raffles because I have a lot of (Super Glam Style) prizes, but let’s face it, I have a limited amount of readers who may donate.  So – you want this?  Come and get it citizen!


What’s the Prize??

All Points West features “More than 65 artists appearing on the three stages throughout the 80-acre historic location that has panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline.”  Pistols + Popcorn has two tickets for each day for one lucky so and so, plus their “plus one”.  
Also the tempter philanthropist mastermind behind this prize decided to throw in transportation costs as well – so you also get two roundtrip tickets on the ferry to get there and back, for each day.
  Wanna know what it’s worth?  Are you like that?  Are you that person that looks their gifts up on the Internet to find out their value? I’ll save you the work.  This prize has a value of $624.  Add the satisfaction of fighting cancer while enjoying the show, and it’s worth a million dollars (USD), at least.


Click here to see the entire line-up, but for a taste of the headliners, it goes a little something like this:


 Friday, July 31, 2009:
Beastie BoysYeah Yeah YeahsVampire Weekend

 Saturday August 1, 2009:                                     
ToolMy Bloody ValentineGogol Bordello

 Sunday August 2, 2009:                                       
ColdplayEcho & The BunnymenMGMT


I have an awesome pool of prizes to get through before June 30th, when the drawing will take place at our fundraising party at Layla Jones Pizza.  You have at least until Wednesday June 10 to enter the drawing for the All Points West tickets.  All raffles will re-open for a few hours at the party on the 30th.  But if you don’t want to miss this chance – I’d suggest doing it today.  Or tomorrow.  Most def by Wednesday, m’kaaaay?

But Wait There’s More!
One more cool add to the collection of prizes – Neighborhood legends Big Movies for Little Kids have joined in the fight!  They will be donating Two Season Passes for Fall 2009 (a more than a  $100 value).  Read about what they do here, and join us on June 30th for your chance to score your passes. Also – do yourself a favor and get to their shows – they select the coolest films for kids (and their owners) to see.  It’s a favorite haunt for Roan and me.

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Did you guys hear the one about the blogger geek who thought she’d throw a little fundraiser together to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but couldn’t find anyone to donate any prizes?


Well that’s not ME, suckahs.


Because I am surrounded by greatness, I have had greatness gifted to me.  I’d like to pass this greatness on to you, because you know, you’re super great.  Since announcing this shin-dig, I’ve had more prizes added to the kitty.  Meow.  Such as?  Well…..

Tickets to the Colbert Report
My brother’s response was, “Very cool.
  But aren’t those free?”  Yes they are free but do you know what?  I’d like you to go to their website and try to get some right now this very minute.  What?  What!?  Their website shows no available tickets through June of 2010?  Dang.  Guess you’ll have to fight cancer before you get your tickets by entering a raffle held here to be announced later.  Yup.

Tickets to All Points West Music & Arts Festival
  I’m just saying.  Sit down and think about seeing Beastie Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tool, My Bloody Valentine, Coldplay, Echo & The Bunnymen, Arctic Monkeys, Nico Case, the Ting Tings, Q-Tip, the Pharcyde, MGMT in addition to about 55 other artists on “an 80-acre historic location with panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline”.  Did you sit down?  Did you imagine? Did you like?  Ok, well stay tuned for those epic tickets because they’re on their way, ya heard?

Appaman Gift Set
Have a cute kid?
  Want your kid to be slightly cuter?  Have an ugly kid?  Want him/her to at least be dripping in style?  I have one word for you: Appaman.  You can win a generous selection of sweet street-cred threads.

Lori Nelson
This is my sister, which also makes her Fatty’s sister.
  She also happens to be a hot (as in, “in-demand”)  (ok, let’s face it also as in, “very good looking”) NY artist, with a killer way of turning your child into a work of art.  Win this raffle and you will be awarded an 8 X 10 hand painted oil on canvas portrait of your kid.  I’m still working for ownership of this one she did of Roan.  It may take me a few years, but I will own it one day.  Win yours.  Trust me, you will love it.

Segway of The Hudson Valley
You giggle at these things, but secretly really (really really) want to take one out for a spin.  Obviously I’m not too awesome at keeping a secret but this is going to be possibly the funnest prize you could win which would include six of your friends. And two people you don’t know named “Jodi” and “Anson”. 

“Shutter Island” Red Carpet Premier Passes (happening now, yo!)
I’ll begin the raffle for one of these prizes on Monday, June 8.
  Until then, the raffle to enter what The Fat Cyclist calls, “simply too unimaginably fabulous for me to comprehend” will continue through the weekend.  That is, joining Michelle Williams at the Red Carpet Premier of “Shutter Island”, directed by Martin Scorsese. The cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, and Max Von Sydow, but NOT the Fat Cyclist.  I originally said raffle entries would remain open until June 10, but I really had no idea so many other awesome prizes would come my way.  If for some reason you’re dying to enter but can’t get it together before Sunday night, June 7, midnight EST, email me (link on the sidebar) and I’ll work with you.  Also, I will re-open all of these raffles on the night of June 30, at Layla Jones Pizza here in Brooklyn.  You can enter to win every raffle that night, in person.  (For more info on the “Shutter Island” prize and how to enter, click here).

My Livestrong Challenge Page is here.  Every raffle ticket for every co
ntest will be purchased by clicking and making a donation.  For every $5.00, you will have one virtual raffle ticket generated for you, with all the winners chosen on June 30th. Thanks to everyone that has donated so far to help Team Fatty: Fighting for Susan – the response has been beyond what I’d hoped for.
  WIN Susan.