Super Glam Prize – Appaman! Woooo-Hoooo!

If you’ve been keeping up with the life and times of Roan and myself, then you understand our brand loyalty to Appaman.  Now – let me just tell you all that even way way way before we met the people behind the brand, we were fans.  The fact that the designers live in our hood and are the kind of people you’d want to live on a commune with just adds to our Appaman love.  But, the clothing stands alone; it is the cuteness.

Appaman has donated a girl’s set or boy’s set of clothing to my Livestrong Challenge raffle.  For every $5.00 you donate, a virtual ticket will be issued for you to win either:



  • straight leg dark wash denim (RSP $60)
  • denim jacket (RSP $66)
  • railroad carpenter pant (RSP $60)
  • Appaman footbal jersey (RSP $32)





  • straight leg dark wash denim (RSP $60)
  • denim jacket (RSP $66)
  • carpenter railroad skirt (RSP $48)
  • Appaman football jersey (RSP $32) 


The available sizes are 6m – 8. Once the winner is chosen on June 30th, at Layla Jones Pizza, he or she can submit their child’s size and Appaman will ship the prizes on to you directly. 


To enter, click here and donate any amount.  To find out why I’m participating in this fundraising effort, click here.  To take a look at some of the other prizes, all of which will re-open on the night of the 30th, click here.  Best of luck!


3 responses to “Super Glam Prize – Appaman! Woooo-Hoooo!

  1. I need that girl’s package for my daughter. Need. So, I must win because I do not see these cool threads in my hometown.Great prize!!!!!

  2. I wish I had a child so I could dress them in these cute clothes!

  3. I certainly know the feelings you are experiencing – my daughter has managed to have had both legs broken, each at different times, and boy, I think I hurt more than she did.A break now means that there is no pool, no ocean for a few weeks. But with the weather here in the city, there isn’t much of that going on any way.

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