New Super Glam Prize – Win All Points West Tickets

And so the big announcement – beginning today, every $5.00 you donate to the Pistols + Popcorn Livestrong Challenge page will generate a virtual raffle tickets to All Points West.  To find out why I’m participating in the Livestrong Challenge click here.  To find out what other prizes will be on the block click here.  This prize is the one that tempted me to forego all my good intentions, keep the booty and then just dodge the philanthropist that donated them to the cause.   But no can’t do it but YES I thought about it and there I said it.  I’ve gone back and forth on should I divide this prize up so there are more winners or should someone just hit the jackpot Super Glam Style?  I’m all all about Super Glam Style obviously, so I’m keeping this prize as one giant win for whomever is the lucky devil that is chosen.  And also – can I tell you something?  I’m not Dooce or The Pioneer Woman or The Fat Cyclist over here.  I’ve got an awesome readership (some including me (but not including my mother) would say a larger readership than I deserve) but your chances of winning a prize in this thing are very very very good.  I don’t know the odds but they’re better than most raffles because I have a lot of (Super Glam Style) prizes, but let’s face it, I have a limited amount of readers who may donate.  So – you want this?  Come and get it citizen!


What’s the Prize??

All Points West features “More than 65 artists appearing on the three stages throughout the 80-acre historic location that has panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline.”  Pistols + Popcorn has two tickets for each day for one lucky so and so, plus their “plus one”.  
Also the tempter philanthropist mastermind behind this prize decided to throw in transportation costs as well – so you also get two roundtrip tickets on the ferry to get there and back, for each day.
  Wanna know what it’s worth?  Are you like that?  Are you that person that looks their gifts up on the Internet to find out their value? I’ll save you the work.  This prize has a value of $624.  Add the satisfaction of fighting cancer while enjoying the show, and it’s worth a million dollars (USD), at least.


Click here to see the entire line-up, but for a taste of the headliners, it goes a little something like this:


 Friday, July 31, 2009:
Beastie BoysYeah Yeah YeahsVampire Weekend

 Saturday August 1, 2009:                                     
ToolMy Bloody ValentineGogol Bordello

 Sunday August 2, 2009:                                       
ColdplayEcho & The BunnymenMGMT


I have an awesome pool of prizes to get through before June 30th, when the drawing will take place at our fundraising party at Layla Jones Pizza.  You have at least until Wednesday June 10 to enter the drawing for the All Points West tickets.  All raffles will re-open for a few hours at the party on the 30th.  But if you don’t want to miss this chance – I’d suggest doing it today.  Or tomorrow.  Most def by Wednesday, m’kaaaay?

But Wait There’s More!
One more cool add to the collection of prizes – Neighborhood legends Big Movies for Little Kids have joined in the fight!  They will be donating Two Season Passes for Fall 2009 (a more than a  $100 value).  Read about what they do here, and join us on June 30th for your chance to score your passes. Also – do yourself a favor and get to their shows – they select the coolest films for kids (and their owners) to see.  It’s a favorite haunt for Roan and me.


14 responses to “New Super Glam Prize – Win All Points West Tickets

  1. Colorado Mama

    This daughter of mine has it right. While her readership is the elite, I found a friend out here in the West, who was not a reader. Kind woman that I am, I – like you – thought it only fair to share this terrifice early morning read with her. Besides, we too like those New York prizes she offers.And we too want to help win over the deadly cancerous enemy. Keep it up, Jodi.

  2. I will be flying in to get myself to this show once I win these tickets. I had no idea your readers were this cool, Jodi.

  3. Just entered! I have my fingers crossed on this one! What a sweet birthday present this would be for my hubs! Thanks Jodi… Great raffle for a great cause 🙂

  4. Echo and the Bunnymen, drool…Ok, so I’m showing my age. As tempting as this prize is, I’m giving my spot in this particular competition to someone who can actually be in NY that weekend! I’m holding out for the portrait done by your sister -her work is beyond amazing!!

  5. Thanks mom. Now if everyone in my life would force their friends to read this place – I’d have an army of readers! You’re awesome.

  6. Ok well if you win I have a suggestion for your “plus-one”Yes, it’s me. Congratulations! Part of your prize can be a date with me! Maybe I should make that part of the rules on this thing….

  7. Ooooooh Jaden! This would be an awesome bday present. Ok so you’re off the hook as far as having to take me as your date if you win. I’ll cross my fingers for you too – sounds like it’d be a great fit!

  8. Believe me, Echo & The Bunnymen caught my eye as well. They created the soundtrack for all my angsty years. I’m with you on my sister – her work is beautiful. Thanks for the support!

  9. WOW, you are really amazing me with all this cool stuff!! I hope I have some extra money this week!!

  10. I love that you’re doing this Jodi. My Mom’s a survivor and all my good thoughts and prayers go out to your sister-in-law. I would love to be there for the pizza party as it’s near to my ‘hood as well…what time does it start?

  11. I’ve been following all that you’ve been doing with this Jodi, and I have to tell you how impressed I am with your results. I love the motivation and desire behind the goal, and you’ve collected some really amazing prizes. Congrats and kudos to you for throwing your heart and energy into this.

  12. Thanks Courtney! I have been really lucky with all the people who have stepped forward and offered to help, for sure.

  13. YAY for your mom – that’s awesome. The fundraiser will start at 5:00 pm. Please come and bring all your friends. It should be really fun – and all raffles will re-open that night as well, so if you’ve missed any chances to enter, you’ll get them back that night!Make sure to introduce yourself to me. I’ll be the person trying to pretend I’m not on my 12th piece of pizza.

  14. Kate thank you! It has been a matter of trying to do right by all the people who have stepped up and gotten behind this thing. I keep saying this, but I’ve just been blown away by the willingness of people to get together for one great cause.

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