It Just Keeps Getting Better

Did you guys hear the one about the blogger geek who thought she’d throw a little fundraiser together to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation, but couldn’t find anyone to donate any prizes?


Well that’s not ME, suckahs.


Because I am surrounded by greatness, I have had greatness gifted to me.  I’d like to pass this greatness on to you, because you know, you’re super great.  Since announcing this shin-dig, I’ve had more prizes added to the kitty.  Meow.  Such as?  Well…..

Tickets to the Colbert Report
My brother’s response was, “Very cool.
  But aren’t those free?”  Yes they are free but do you know what?  I’d like you to go to their website and try to get some right now this very minute.  What?  What!?  Their website shows no available tickets through June of 2010?  Dang.  Guess you’ll have to fight cancer before you get your tickets by entering a raffle held here to be announced later.  Yup.

Tickets to All Points West Music & Arts Festival
  I’m just saying.  Sit down and think about seeing Beastie Boys, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tool, My Bloody Valentine, Coldplay, Echo & The Bunnymen, Arctic Monkeys, Nico Case, the Ting Tings, Q-Tip, the Pharcyde, MGMT in addition to about 55 other artists on “an 80-acre historic location with panoramic views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the Manhattan skyline”.  Did you sit down?  Did you imagine? Did you like?  Ok, well stay tuned for those epic tickets because they’re on their way, ya heard?

Appaman Gift Set
Have a cute kid?
  Want your kid to be slightly cuter?  Have an ugly kid?  Want him/her to at least be dripping in style?  I have one word for you: Appaman.  You can win a generous selection of sweet street-cred threads.

Lori Nelson
This is my sister, which also makes her Fatty’s sister.
  She also happens to be a hot (as in, “in-demand”)  (ok, let’s face it also as in, “very good looking”) NY artist, with a killer way of turning your child into a work of art.  Win this raffle and you will be awarded an 8 X 10 hand painted oil on canvas portrait of your kid.  I’m still working for ownership of this one she did of Roan.  It may take me a few years, but I will own it one day.  Win yours.  Trust me, you will love it.

Segway of The Hudson Valley
You giggle at these things, but secretly really (really really) want to take one out for a spin.  Obviously I’m not too awesome at keeping a secret but this is going to be possibly the funnest prize you could win which would include six of your friends. And two people you don’t know named “Jodi” and “Anson”. 

“Shutter Island” Red Carpet Premier Passes (happening now, yo!)
I’ll begin the raffle for one of these prizes on Monday, June 8.
  Until then, the raffle to enter what The Fat Cyclist calls, “simply too unimaginably fabulous for me to comprehend” will continue through the weekend.  That is, joining Michelle Williams at the Red Carpet Premier of “Shutter Island”, directed by Martin Scorsese. The cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley, and Max Von Sydow, but NOT the Fat Cyclist.  I originally said raffle entries would remain open until June 10, but I really had no idea so many other awesome prizes would come my way.  If for some reason you’re dying to enter but can’t get it together before Sunday night, June 7, midnight EST, email me (link on the sidebar) and I’ll work with you.  Also, I will re-open all of these raffles on the night of June 30, at Layla Jones Pizza here in Brooklyn.  You can enter to win every raffle that night, in person.  (For more info on the “Shutter Island” prize and how to enter, click here).

My Livestrong Challenge Page is here.  Every raffle ticket for every co
ntest will be purchased by clicking and making a donation.  For every $5.00, you will have one virtual raffle ticket generated for you, with all the winners chosen on June 30th. Thanks to everyone that has donated so far to help Team Fatty: Fighting for Susan – the response has been beyond what I’d hoped for.
  WIN Susan.


7 responses to “It Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. That’s just great. I’ve entered for one raffle already, and now you go and tempt me more. I will soon be drinking Sanka to replace Starbucks to support this new habit. Great Kitty. Nicely played, Jodi.

  2. Colbert?????I have been trying to get those tickets for a year. I must win that raffle. MUST!!!! WIN!!!!

  3. When I was about 18 I would have killed to get tickets to a concert event like All Points West. Now, I’m a little older and probably wouldn’t murder. I may maim someone, however. I think it’s time for me to forget that I have a respectable job, wife and kids. Well, ok, not the wife and kids part. I do think it’s time to rock out again, though. You can count on me trying my best to win those tickets.

  4. So when is the raffle for the Colbert tickets?

  5. Ok. Just entered for the shutter island tickets. Good thing I checked here today because I was planning on doing it tomorrow. Thanks and good luck to everyone (especially me!)

  6. I really wanted to go to Colbert.

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