We’ve Been Shot

I’ve established that Roan loves a good tracksuit.  More specifically, he loves a good Appaman tracksuit.  Well citizens, the Big Dogs at the gigantic Appaman Corporation noticed my son’s brand loyalty (at age five…. is that too early to have such a thing?) and invited him to participate in a photo shoot for their next catalogue.  Ok, full disclosure: the owners of Appaman are Lynn and Harald, very awesome parents who live in my neighborhood and have a daughter in Roan’s school.  We play at the same parks, walk the same streets, and breath the same subway air. They kind of had no choice but to invite him what with his eh…enthusiasm…regarding their brand.  But in all honesty, I could never have procured this kind of thing from the boy.  He digs the style independent of how much I like the people behind the style.

Roan and Harald enjoying a pretzel.
When I told Roan about being invited, he lit up.  We’ve done one other photo shoot, for a national Suave campaign, which he remembers vividly.  The lights, the attention, the music, and particularly the unending snack table.  This is totally his language.  When I told him they would also let him pick a bunch of clothes to take home he marked the date on the calendar – with a Sharpie, which indicates total commitment.  Roan was also adamant that he gets to choose new colors for his hair: Pillarbox Red, Shocking Blue, and Blue Velvet.  Luckily for our friends Joe and Laura, their daughter Sophia was present when we were dying Roan’s hair.  I’m certain I don’t have to explain the chain of events leading to me returning their daughter to them with this look:

The day finally arrived and Roan was ready to jump out of his skin he was so excited.  The shoot was so low pressure and low key, with great music playing and a very cool vibe.  The Appamans (ok that’s not their name but it should be) kept checking in with Roan and asking him if he wanted to do another change, or if he was tired of it.  This question didn’t even make sense to him.  Tired?…Of this?…Really?…How?…Are you even speaking English?  One of Roan’s good friends from school and kickboxing was there and these two boys mugged it up together all afternoon. 

Roan and Lane.  Child labor never looked so good.
When we returned home, Roan had a bag full of new clothing that he changed in and out of about one-gazillion times for the remainder of the weekend.  He’s hooked, this guy.  The past three nights, as I’ve been tucking him into bed and talking about our day, he has asked if he’s been invited to anymore photo shoots.  I’ve tried to find out what piece of it spoke to him the most, but he won’t tell me.  All he says is “I just liked it because it was fun.  And it made me feel good”. And there is the most basic, simple and truthful recipe for childhood happiness that I’ve come across so far.


19 responses to “We’ve Been Shot

  1. That is awesome!

  2. Sounds like everyone had fun!! How exciting for Roan, and the recipe for a good childhood is so simple and beautiful!

  3. ” “I just liked it because it was fun. And it made me feel good”. “Heck, as far as I’m concerned, that’s the recipe for a good *life*, at any age.Can’t wait to see the results of Roan’s fashion shoot!

  4. What a cool invite! Wow… Wish I got to go to photo shoots and come home with bags of clothes ;o) …But I guess things like that don’t happen when you’re just an ordinary Mommy, and not a cute little munchkin living in the big apple! 🙂

  5. Thanks Kat! It really was a very cool day for us.

  6. It is funny Courtney how exciting it was for Roan. I don’t even think he ever asked or was told what the pictures were for. It was all about the people and the environment. Looks like the kid may have a future in show biz. Hopefully a circus of some sort.

  7. Nice observation Kali. If I were able to say that after every day, it would be a magical life. Ok, – maybe every other day.I’ll post some pictures when I get them. Thanks!

  8. Well you and I both know that there’s no such thing as an ordinary Mommy. We’ve been really lucky in living here because we’ve not only met just amazing people, we’ve met amazing people with great business savvy. There’s such a concentration of creativity here in Brooklyn. I think that’s one of the things I love about living here.

  9. Harald is working up the photos and he says Roan reminds him of Astrid Lindgren’s Emil. To any Norwegian that is the highest compliment. He is welcome back anytime!!!

  10. Regarding the explanation of reason as to why he liked this photo shoot, I respond with a Spock-esque statement: “Fascinating.”Heck, when I was a kid, I would have felt pressured and been wigged-out. There was a brief moment in my kid’s life when she would have loved it, but that time lasted about 1 yr from 3 to 4, or so. Such a proposition now would send her running away.Glad he had such a great day! If only everyone could experience those magical days more often (ever?). I do mean w/o drugs or alcohol involved!

  11. I can’t wait to see the pictures – all the kids had such swaggar and I loved how they were never made to give big goofy grins. It seemed like this great authentic kid-spirit shoot.Expect Roan to be dropping by regularly and looking for cameras. He reads these comments.

  12. Hey now – I never claimed that the children were not drunk.

  13. So remind me again what kid doesn’t like free stuff and being told how great they are.

  14. Roan was such a treat to have at the shoot. You have a really great kid!

  15. Very cool for Roan- esp. the free clothes.And congrats on the movie and the fun preview time. That sounded really amazing.

  16. Exactly Big Mike. That’s why I didn’t feel too bad about channeling my inner Dina Lohan.

  17. Thanks Megan! He really could have hung there for hours more. Did you see the pain register on his face when he was told he was finished? Luckily the new shirt + shorts brought him around.You guys were a blast to work with.

  18. Thanks Kate – it has been an amazingly fun-packed week.

  19. Yeah, Roan is what my friends and I call are true proFRESHional. He’s really awesome and I hope we get to see more of him in the future.

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