Loot Movie Premier

[Update:  Thanks to Dawn I’m posting a link to HBO’s site for LOOT.  The movie premiers on HBO on May 20, 2009.  Check the site out for times in your area.]

Walking into the HBO building Thursday night was awesome.  There was a list.  My name was on it.  Haven’t really been on “the list” for quite a while.  In the middle of the lobby was a big marquee poster advertising Anson’s movie, Loot.  Then the same poster was framed and lit up on display over and over again until we arrived in the Reception Room.  It would have been ridiculous for me to pretend I was in a room like that often, or that I wasn’t impressed.  The Empire State Building towering over lush Bryant Park filled the windows.  There were servers walking around with little tiny turkey burgers, little tiny braised ribs, and little tiny crab cakes. There was a photographer taking candid photos of everyone. Friends, there was an open bar. 

As I had no impulse to pretend I was not impressed, I got a few drinks, stocked up on the food, and started snapping photos of the view. Some of our best friends were there, which made it even better as it seemed they were in on the joke of being there.  It’s a fun life.  But that is not our real life.  (Side note: our friends Joe and Laura showed up with a picture on their phone of Roan’s newly two-teeth-missing photo.  We had dropped Roan off at their house to have a joint-babysitting experience with Sophia only 45 minutes prior, when Roan had only a one-tooth-missing smile.  Joe had made quick work of yanking a tooth out of my son’s head, getting his own glamour on, and getting to the party.   These are totally my people.)


The lights flickered and we hurried into the Screening Room.  Anson’s cheering squad filled an entire row, plus two cheerleaders in the back.  Anytime Anson’s name was mentioned, or shown in the credits, the room exploded with applause.  My husband?  He’s not a proud man, and would typically have a panic attack with that type of attention. 
But that night he soaked it in, smiling and happy.  I was plenty proud of that guy. 

Anson Call (Cinematographer), Darius Marder (Director), and Dan Campbell (Executive Producer)
The audience laughed at the right times, uttered disbelief at the right times, and I heard a lot of sniffling at the same time I always get teary in that movie.  Sure, the audience was packed with friends, but our friends enjoyed the show.  That’s the goods, right there.

We went out for dessert and drinks afterwards with my brother-in-law Dan, who is the person responsible for everything good that happened with making Loot.  A few friends who attended the screening went with us too and we spent hours going over the night, over the future, over the present – and eating the most amazing dessert I have ever had.  (This is my second time having it and I beseech you – if you live in NYC you must go to The Clover Club on Smith Street and eat the bread pudding, accompanied with a drink called The Flip.  You will send me thank-you’s and I will nod knowingly.)


The night as a whole was such a good night.  But at the end of it, at home (which felt terribly empty as Roan was “sleeping” over at Sophia’s) Anson and I could talk about nothing but our friends, and how they were the element that made the experience so nice.  We have been amazingly lucky to fall in with a group of people who are so unlike each other, but all have tremendous love for us and us for them.  I plan on having them all along at all of our future life events because it isn’t about the event; it’s about the friends who are there with you.


19 responses to “Loot Movie Premier

  1. Colorado Mama

    What a great night. An amazing film and amazing people who created it.

  2. dawn from Houston

    Congrats to Anson. Is there a chance any of outside of NYC will ever be able to see “Loot”?

  3. How amazing this all sounds! Congrats on the screening and the friends! It’s always nice to have good friends around for the fun times in your life as well as the bad!

  4. Hi Mom! Wish you could have been there.

  5. Hey Dawn, thanks for the question! I’ve updated the top of this post with a link to HBO’s site for Loot. I think you can find the times there. It’s debut is on May 20th.

  6. You’re totally right. We always think about who we lean on during the rough times – but I absolutely would not have enjoyed this night 1/2 as much without my friends there. Thanks for reading!

  7. That picture of the film-makers is funny. Anson looks handsome and collected, the one in the middle looks bombed, and the one on the end looks suspicious. Seems like a good combination.

  8. As if my regard for Anson wasn’t high enough already. Geez. If he doesn’t quit impressing me I might just become the first minister of the Church of Anson.I’m so glad I got to see the film and think all reasonable people should see the film immediately. (I have no time to waste on unreasonable people.) You will laugh. You will cry. You will be glad you saw it.And oh yeah, did I tell you that I charge for pulling teeth? I’ll send you the bill in the mail.

  9. Sounds like a magical evening, as great times with good friends often are. So glad you had a wonderful evening!

  10. I had the Producer’s baby. Twice.

  11. Yeh it is the only one I took of the three of them so I had to post it. I expect reprecussions.

  12. I’m doubly glad you guys got to see it before you left. What a fun night. You should get a second job as a cheerleader, Hays. And if you collected for all the things we owe you for, you’d be a rich man….

  13. Thank you – it really was a great night. We don’t really get out too often, so maybe I’m easily impressed? Anyway – it was magical. Exactly.

  14. I’m telling your husband. No wonder he looks so suspicious.

  15. What an amazing night and what an amazing film. We were so honored to be part of it. Even after twelve years in NYC, it’s still a thrill to be “on the list” but being on *your* list is the best.

  16. Robin it is always awesome to hang with you and yours. We enjoy what you got, sister.So, lets get it together often this summer, no?

  17. Can’t say that I would characterize you thus – usually – but this is some serious gushing here. It’s always about the people. Always.

  18. it is on tv. hbo documentaries

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