Group Think Hysteria

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Group Think Hysteria

I get all worked up about certain things.  I guess.  For instance, it bugs me when people are late.  Mostly it bugs me if I’m late.  And I don’t like it all that much when I’m walking down a crowded sidewalk and someone stops in the middle of it for no reason.  But you know, for the most part I’m just kind of floating on.  So it’s hard for me to relate to people that get worked up over things.  I’m not suggesting they’re wrong or I’m right (but obviously let’s just go ahead and admit that I think I’m right otherwise you know, I wouldn’t be writing this) but I just cannot believe the level of hysteria that people arrive at.


A small example: today I was at my bank begging with wide eyes for them to reverse an overdraft fee because I’ve had this account for 16 years and have never overdrawn it and PLEASE explain to me the logic in subtracting more money from an account that is already more than empty?  Is that even possible?  But that’s not the hysteria.  An older woman bolts in through the front doors panting and wide-eyed saying, “The ATM took my card!  It won’t give it back!”  I seriously raised up both of my eyebrows as high as they could go with my mouth in the letter “o” in response to how freaked out she was.  She freaked me the freaky freak OUT.  I thought grandma was going to pull out a weapon and call it a day as she was shouting, “I have so much to do today!  I don’t have time for this!”  It was hysterical but not funny.


It reminded me of the level of unwarranted panic surrounding the Swine Flu.  This thing is out of hand.  Citizens are getting so aggressive about sneezes and coughs and such.  Parents have kept their kids home from school because they’re nervous about it.  I had a friend even tell me that she was really panicky on the subway because “A Mexican group of guys were on it and they were sneezing and coughing.  I covered my face with my arm, but I don’t know if that helps.” Really really for real?  First, you cannot be my friend anymore because what you said just made me stop liking you.  Second.   No, actually no second.  It’s just too much.


The sun will shine and the rain is going to pour and I suggest we all just take it in.  I get it- I do – that we have to be careful and that life is dangerous.  But these frantic crusades to protect ourselves are bananas.  (Also: turning some of us into racists.  Just sayin’.)  I think the dangerous nature of group-think is taking over and maybe that’s what we should be getting worried about.


Or maybe we should just go outside and enjoy the day.  That’s my uprising against all of this.  I will continue to enjoy this filthy dirty infected world because it’s beautiful to me.  


20 responses to “Group Think Hysteria

  1. About the swine flu… I was told that some 3000 people died in Canada (that’s my home country, the true north strong and free :D) died last year from the regular flu and I think 2 people have died in Canada from the swine flu, so far I guess. It doesn’t seem very panic worthy to me! The panic is more panic worthy if you ask me! Further, nobody’s tracking any regular flus (flues?) on a map.

  2. Ryan and I are doing our part for our neighbor to the South by going to Mexico (no kids!) next week. He will scuba dive and I will lay around and read, and the irony is that we will be more miles away from any case of swine flu than if we stayed here in Texas.

  3. The easiest way I know of to avoid the hysterical paranoia trend is to stop reading the news. I browse the headlines in my RSS feed, but rarely click on any of the articles. That gives me an idea of what’s going on in the world without filling my head with all sorts of frantic sensationalism.Though that probably wouldn’t help the ATM woman. Sounds like she’s just spastic in general and probably wouldn’t even be helped by an afternoon spent walking barefoot in the park (or are people too paranoid to do that anymore?).

  4. Yeh you know it makes you wonder how some things get traction? Why did this become such a hot topic? I seriously do not understand. Especially with the statistic you just gave – with the plain old non-pig variety flu being more widespread and fatal. Strange.

  5. Ok. I really really like your style there Jackie! That’s the spirit – helping out the devastated economy down there while getting your relax on. Lovely. Enjoy it!!

  6. Ok here’s my dirty secret. I don’t watch the news or read newspapers or news magazines. I don’t even have an RSS feed. Somehow this buzz has superceded all the regular channels of delivery – it’s in the air! Airborne hysteria! Cover your eyes, ears and mouth or you’ll catch it. The ATM woman – seriously – totally a basket case. And yeh – I think going barefoot is another “scary” thing to do. Ooooof. We’ve seriously got to r-e-l-a-x.

  7. Ha. Play cool with the Swine Flu and insatiable banks. I know where your hysteria resides. Head. Lice. And I’d venture that your freeky freek perks up for that other New York classic:Bed. Bugs. Or was that me?

  8. You’ve been nominated AGAIN? Well, I’ll be voting for you. Maybe if you win you will rule the internet and then all this hysteria will stop. Great post Jodi.

  9. 1. I love your blog.2. I love and live in Brooklyn.3. Someday, I hope my kid is as cool as yours and I’m as cool a Mom.4. I’m sick of Swine Flu hysteria and hysteria in general. The panic that ensues if there is a line at the bank is unreal these days. Unreal. Breathe people.5. Sorry about the wee rant above.6. I voted for you.

  10. About The Vote, Part II: hey, don’t they have a 12 step program for you? :-)About the Swine Flu, etc.: I think I may have commented before about our ever-increasing “me first” society in the USA. Can’t stand it. Give me some community and sense of togetherness. The Greatest Generation would not approve, not even a little bit. Just sayin’ I’m on your side. (But not in a divisive kinda’ way. Does that make sense?)

  11. Oh now honestly, I just don’t get this swine flu hysteria.But then again, I don’t have to worry.Swine won’t give me flu. Professional courtesy.

  12. Great. Now I’m feeling all itchy. Not cool.

  13. OR…I win, take over the world, and force everyone to subscribe to my own special brand of hysteria. My diabolical plan is coming to fruition!

  14. Lindsay there’s something you should know about me:1. Comments like yours totally make my day.Thanks!

  15. Oh man I just think there’s going to be more than 12 steps needed for me. I’m in a heap of trouble here what with these contests. Thanks for being on my side. We like you here.

  16. Leroy!HA!And I assume you’ve been avoiding the giant pig on Court and President….just to be safe…..

  17. okay, okay. i voted. now quit texting me about it. yeesh.

  18. You wanna know about swines?Here’s what the learned are saying about the great unwashed…

  19. i have to vote EVERY DAY? for TWO MONTHS?um, i’m not even interested enough in my OWN blog to do that.

  20. This virus is causing a mass hysteria in almost every country.

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