Wisely Avoiding Run-Over Dog Boy Face

There’s a movement to shudder at the thought of letting your child get their face painted by some random person in the park.  Yeh yeh yeh I get it.  Who knows where that brush has been, what bacteria are brewing in the color yellow, and how many louse-filled heads that headband has rested in?  Well citizens we braved it yes we braved it and came out on the other side with golden dots, rainbows and smiles.  Roan rarely is game to get his face painted, but somehow, for some unknown reason, he requested just that as we passed a little stand on our way to the carousel in Central Park.

There really was no saying “no”.  I was smitten with the possibilities.  There was Serial Murderer Clown, Clown who lives in My Nightmares, Rainbow Face Guy, and Run-Over Dog Boy.  Smartly, Roan chose Rainbow Face Guy.  The results as you can see, were lovely. 

So far there have been no lice, no staff infection, no symptoms of Swine Flu (yeh that’s right, I’m not going for that H1N1 name.  It’s so clinical and takes all the fun out of the sickness) and no boils.  All in all, a totally rainbow-faced perfect day in the park.


13 responses to “Wisely Avoiding Run-Over Dog Boy Face

  1. You’re kidding. Now face painting has been added to the hysterical paranoia list? When will it end? Good for you and Roan for pooh-poohing the nay-sayers. Though I’d have been interested in seeing that run-over dog-boy face.Synchronistic timing that Salon.com ran this article today: http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2009/05/04/free_range_kids/index.html?source=rss&aim=/mwt/feature

  2. I have to admit I’ve always been a little skeeved out by the face painting kits used for kid after kid. Not because of anything I’ve heard, but it just seems a little dirty. But then, I also have no kids. I may change my feeling about things, I know. Good to know a mom I like lets her kid go for it. I just might loosen up a little. He looks so cute.

  3. I love the rainbow choice! Roan has the kind of face that actually a rainbow would be quite at home on. So cute. The murdering clowns, not so much.

  4. Kali – thanks for the directions to that article. I remember when that whole thing went down – this woman was totally crucified. Interesting. There’s got to be a middle ground, you know? I think she’s onto something…

  5. It’s the whole hot dog concept. As long as you don’t think about it too much, it’s fine. The amount of things I could be freaked out about living in NYC as far as cleanliness goes – well – it would be full time if I even started. So I just have to get Zen about all of it. And yeh – he looked pretty cute.

  6. He looks great. And she looks ecstatic! She’s really happy with her work! A true artist.

  7. He asked me if he kept still at night would he be able to wear it to school? No such luck, though – maybe we’ll get a tattoo of a rainbow on his face – it did seem at home there. I may insist he get a creeepy clown next time. Just for kicks. They’re truly a little scary, huh?

  8. He looks great. And she looks ecstatic! She’s really happy with what she did! A true artist.

  9. I agree – very cute! it’s funny though because of all the things that skeeve me out it NEVER occured to me to beware o’ the face painting kits! Makes sense obviously, but face painting is one of those things it would be hard to deny a child the experience of. Viva la face paint!

  10. Oh yeh you know she just couldn’t have been a nicer lady. So sweet, so excited to paint his face. I think she was a little perplexed that he didn’t choose one of the super-hero faces she had on display on a different poster. I’m guessing not many boys come by wishing for the rainbow. That’s m’boy.

  11. You know Megan – there are a bunch of things I didn’t realize I should be freaked out about. More and more people are pointing them out to me but I feel like I’m rebelling. Viva la face paint indeed! And all other types of living dangerously (in a safe way!)

  12. Oh, my, my, my.Cutey pants Roan. My nephew, everybody! Mine, mine, MINE.So, face paint is totes gross. I know because I am a face-painter for every festival at PS 107 ever and you should see the mug-scum that steps up to my booth. My Unicorn Fantasy usually sits atop Hot Dog-Brownie Smear.BUT….I’m here to reveal what is infinitely more disgusting than that face-paint horror: used plates and silverware and glasses in restaurants. Or in the home. Also? Sharing doorknobs.For. Ick.

  13. Great.Now in addition to sticking gum in my hair and then lopping it all off when I was 5, you have now made me a’skeeered to leave my home. And open doors. And eat. Some big sister you are. Good thing the boy loves you so much.

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