Movie Premiers and Such

So it’s official, I actually scored an invitation to the May 14 Premier Screening of the movie Anson worked on.  I wasn’t sure if I’d make the cut but it looks like winning that Bloggie is opening doors for me!  Certainly that’s why they invited me, and not that I am the wife of the cinematographer. No doubt. 

I don’t really know what to expect at all.  First of all, the invitation says that it’s in the 15th floor theater.  So that tells me that the Falcon Crest Level dress I was eyeing with rhinestones and feathers may not be called for.  So is this like an office building?  My style instincts are telling me to pare it down to Knots Landing Level fashion just to be safe and make sure I don’t look like I’m trying too hard.  But there is a reception.  So. Fancy.  Effortless elegance, this will be my look.  I’m guessing no red carpet on the 15th floor?  Maybe I’ll cancel the Limousine. 


The conundrum I’ve created for myself is that I’ve managed to get all of my friends invited as well.  Which means I don’t have anyone to leave the boy with.  Is it wrong to bring him to something like this?  He’s elegant in his own way. 

But then again….he may cramp my style.  I’ll certainly write all about the event, in the future.  For now, if you’re interested, set your DVR’s and TiVO’s for May 20, 2009 when it debuts on HBO.  I don’t know what time.  I’m not really in the Circle of Trust with the guys at HBO yet.  But after I get a few drinks in me at the reception and they see what a great dancer I am, I’ll probably be on the inside.  Take that to the bank.


13 responses to “Movie Premiers and Such

  1. Anyone not impressed by great (drunk) dancing doesn’t deserve your time anyway!I found your blog (thank that bloggie) recently and it has been seamlessly woven into my daily repertoire.And you’re a Brooklyn girl! AND you’re fat cyclist’s sister!Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish I could go! Even if there’s not a red carpet, I would still consider going to a movie premeir a better-than-average event. Congratulations to Anson, and I’ll be watching on HBO.

  3. My college roommate was a big fan of the dressy event, but we were in college so they were few and far between. And so, there were days when going to something mediocre, she would wear a ballgown. I’m not necessarily recommending that you go this way, but know that it’s been done before. And I would totally watch your boy. He and is BFF are two of my favorite people, and you can ask her for a recommendation. I’m super fun.

  4. Awwww geeez thanks Melissa! I’m a Poser Brookly Girl (because you know, really I’m from Colorado), but man I like to claim it here. This is the place for me.

  5. Yeh, I’m proud of that guy too. Thanks Emily.

  6. I’m thinking your college roommate and I may just need to meet. I like that style, and I’m not afraid to say it!! Ah, to actually own a ballgown, and then to have the moxy to rock the ballgown. Fanciful and delightful.You’re awesome for offering to watch the boy – and I may just take you up on it! I don’t need no stinkin’ recommendation – you’re one of us. But yeh, his BFF is one of my favorite people too.

  7. Hey, Anson takes 4th billing on the cast and crew bio. And it’s not in alphabetical order. That’s quite an achievement.As for the whole limo thing. I’m guessing a helicopter would be more appropriate for a 15th floor venue. Either that or a Cat Woman ensemble.I’ll look after Roan for you. Just fax him to +61 7 5456 4811. I know it’s an international call but he’s only little so it shouldn’t cost too much. When you get home again just call me, let it ring twice and hang up and I’ll fax him straight back – you don’t mind if it’s a collect call do you?And remember to post your party dancing on YouTube.

  8. I’ve been lurking on your blog since your brother posted a link on his site some months ago. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this film at some point (too bad I don’t have HBO!). Any chance us Canadians will be able to see it?Regarding what to wear, effortless elegance sounds like the way to go (achieved by spending 5 hours getting ready ;)). Have fun!

  9. Hey now Big Mike – There are laws agains faxing children in this country. Though from what I know about where you live the boy would enjoy himself immensely. And I’m going to look into that Cat Woman ensemble. Should go nicely with the fancy dance.

  10. Listen – I have a bootleg copy of the movie I’m going to be selling on the street here soon. As soon as the groundswell of buzz is about to peak. I’ll send you one….But seriously, Canada has no HBO? Or only you? I love Canada for it’s peaceful ways and universal health care but no HBO? Can that be?

  11. Off topic, but begs the question, what did those children eat to turn their mouths technocolor?

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