Solution Based Style

I’ve tried to avoid abstracts in Roan’s world.  He’s dying to wear flip-flops again, shorts and a tank top, and to order his favorite ice-cream from the devils who are driving Mr. Softee vans around already, booming the Mr. Softee theme song which invades my mind and doesn’t leave for weeks.  If you live in NY you know what I mean.  We should start a support group.  Or at least make up words to the song so I’m not singing dun-de-duh-duhn-da-dun-da-dun-da-duh-de-duhn-de-de-da…..

But I’m off topic.  Ok, so I give Roan measurable means to determine when he can slip into his Spring and Summer wardrobe.  I pulled these numbers out of nowhere, but they seem reasonable.  He can wear flip-flops when it is 55 degrees or above.  Shorts when it’s 60.  Order ice cream and wear a tank top when it’s 65.  So now the child is obsessed with checking the weather.  In fact, he has programmed my phone to see the weather in no less than 25 cities around the world.  Did you know that in Zap right now it is 37 degrees?  The North Pole is a chilly 8 degrees, and in Momence it is 41.

Roan being the tenacious child he is has found a way to get around my rules.  I know – I’ll wait for you to put your shocked faces on. Go ahead.  It’s what I call Solution-Based-Style, and what it lacks in aesthetic it more than makes up for in self-satisfaction.  Roan had chosen and then tricked me into buying these reversible atrocious golden shorts from Target a few weeks prior to the day these photos were taken.  He has been anxious to show them to the world but wouldn’t you know it, the temperature has not reached the Shorts Benchmark.  But he disappeared into his room with his can-do grin and told me he had an idea.  Of course the solution was based on track pants.  Track Pants under hideous golden Track Shorts.  Combined with socks and sandals.  His shorts had their day.  Just to show him how impressed I was with this outfit, I actually bought him an ice cream as well.  You know – he’s a boy after my own heart. Sometimes you just need to answer what calls your heart.  Whether it’s an occupation, a person, or a hideous pair of golden shiny shorts.  I know I’m going to see the masses rocking this style after posting these photos.  The allure is undeniable.  


22 responses to “Solution Based Style

  1. Colorado Mama

    Your son must have a bit of his great grandfather in him. As a child he wanted to go barefoot. His mother’s rule was that he had to wear shoes to school until the snow had melted off the tallest mountain they could see from their Idaho farm.

  2. Colorado Mama

    Your son must have a bit of his great grandfather in him. His mother’s rule was that he could not go barefoot to school until the snow had melted from the highest mountain they could see from their Idaho farm.

  3. You’ve gotta respect someone with that kind of determination. Roan’s fascination with checking the weather reminds me of my own son’s single-minded focus when he sets his mind on something.

  4. I love this kid – probably because I have one remarkably similar (and also still wearing track pants, and he’s 6’4″) – always a way around everything! Also the hideous thing – I was/am determined to let my children find their own style, hideous or not. I reserved a few days for me, Easter being one of them. We had some pretty hideous moments of fashion. Now, they know exactly who they are and how they want to look, and it’s all their own. So worth a few pair of gold shorts and track pants.

  5. He’s tenacious like his great grandfather for sure! Sounds like a fair rule, though. Roan is compelled to be barefoot as much as possible. I think that’s why he loves the flip-flops so much. It’s the next-best thing.

  6. These sons of ours…sometimes the things he wants seems like he just wants to test me. But 9 out of 10 times, at the end of the day, I laugh with my husband behind Roan’s sleeping back at all the things he tried to get away with on that day. I love the single-minded focus. It brings on the smiles.

  7. I have to say that while I mock the golden shorts, I am a fan of the track pants. What’s the difference? No idea. But I’m right in line with you about letting him choose his style. I think it is an important way for a kid to show the world who he/she is, how they see themselves. It was important to me when I was younger too. And the amusement I get from it…totally worth it. Totally.

  8. What’s really awesome is in the photos it looks like he was working it at a style show – especially in that last picture.

  9. ohhhhh man what a little smarty pants he is…and that’s a great thing!You did very good on your musical rendition today..hahahaha…I do that too…try to write out melodies.I wear shorts and leggins…is there something wrong with me?

  10. hey, I just submitted my comment, but somewhere between clicking Submit and looking for it…it disappeared!Anywho…I said…your son is a real smarty pants…and that’s great.Loved you melody, And confessed I wear leggins and shorts sometimes…

  11. that’s strange and slightly weird…both comments are now showing up..oh well..these things are out of my control : – )

  12. Well you have just summed up his entire existence. Roan usually has some type of fashion show happening in his head. Lately it has been tap dancing fashion shows. I think that’s what you’re seeing…

  13. Well it seems that my commenting mojo is out of sorts today – looks like my mum had the same experience. As far as shorts and leggings go….it takes a special person to carry that off. You just might be that person. But then again – this is someone who is married to jeans and t-shirt. My fashion sense seems to have fizzled away with my capricious youth. I may give shorts and leggings a try just to mix it all up. I’ll submit photos, for sure.

  14. That jangly tune has lyrics, believe me. I’m sure before Short/Tank-top/Ice-cream Day solidly arrives, Roan wil have learned them from his potty-mouthed cousins. You’ll long for the days when all you heard was, “de-duh-duh-duh–de-da-da-etc.”Advance apologies and props to the flame-proof shorts.

  15. For what it’s worth (<2c, for sure), I think you have the minimum temps on "shorts" and "flip flops" reversed. In my experience, a child running about in shorts, but shoes and socks, can handle colder temps than the cold toes brought on by slaps (i.e., flip flops) and pants. Of course, we live in SoCal, so veering from the normality of shorts and slaps is something to avoid at all costs. (Or, maybe I think about it too much–your call.)

  16. Not that you didn’t already know this but, You have a really cool kid there. (And he has a really cool name)

  17. It’s almost as if you had Roan in the ’80s. I LOVE that outfit he put together. And I LOVE how you allow him so much space to think outside the box. GO Roan!

  18. Those potty-mouthed cousins rock his world. Mine too. I’ll take all the bad influence they can dish out. They are lovely.

  19. Basically your $.02 just appreciated dramatically because I totally love the word “slaps” instead of “flip-flops” which replaced “thongs” for obvious reasons. Thank you for that.

  20. Kat – thanks for that! The name came after we couldn’t agree on anything and he had entered the world and we kind of fell back onto the one name that had bounced around for a while. Now I think it is a perfect fit. Thank God we didn’t go with Sue as a nod to Johnny Cash like we had decided at one point….

  21. Oh man you know how to ring my bell! The 80’s were my days!! It must be in his genetic code. Hopefully he’ll skip past the Dexy’s Midnight Runners overalls, though. That just wasn’t good for anyone. Thanks J!

  22. I’m going to second the “slaps” over “flip flops” I’ve never liked the name flip flops because they don’t flip or flop unless you work at it SLAPS…mmmmmmm delicious

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