Chrikid You!

I never know what will stick in Roan’s head.  As luck would have it, my most twelve-year-old moments seem to be the pick to be seared into his memory.  One evening as Anson was fiddling with the TV Set, his underwear was exposed, and in true plumber style, Roan and I got an eyeful of more than we wanted at the time.  So I gave Roan a quarter and told him to put it in Dad’s derrière.  Roan couldn’t have thought that was funnier and attempted to do so.  He attempted to do so every chance he got for about the next week.  Anson finally had to be stern and put the kibosh on these antics.  With all the fatherly authority he could muster he explained that we simply don’t put money in people’s bums.  We just don’t.  Really, I mean it, we don’t. 

Roan got the message, and more or less stopped.  But Wednesday, April Fool’s Day, he drew a picture at school and handed it to me with every mischievous bone in his body singing the song of the angels.  Take a look:

The words read: “Happy Fols Day chrikid you” (Happy Fool’s Day.  Tricked you.)


Roan then whispered in my ear, “That is Dad’s tooshie”, pointing to the skin colored blob on the right side of the person-shaped figure.  Of course, the object on the other side is a coin.  And arrows connect them beautifully.  I am immensely proud.  I am totally amused.  I am also slightly concerned about what his teacher must think, but mostly I’m amused and proud. 

Have a great weekend, and keep your cracks covered!  (Sorry, I just turned twelve again.)


10 responses to “Chrikid You!

  1. I think I must be twelve too because I think that’s hillarious. Love it!

  2. That made me think of the SNL Coin Slot video: Hilarious.

  3. Y’all are definitely raising that boy right.

  4. OMG that is HILARIOUS!I have also been told that I have the mind of a 13 year old… I’m wondering if this will somehow translate into less wrinkles over the years??? We’ll soon see… 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. I think the rule is you cannot even exist in my world unless you think bottom jokes are funny. Being twelve is cool.

  6. Ok I had never seen that. I think it’s Lindsey Lohan’s first piece of work that I’ve liked. Thanks!

  7. Oh man I do hope so. If his success and happiness in life are based on his sense of humor, I think he’ll be just fine. The kid knows how to laugh.

  8. Ok I hate to break it to you but we who love to smile and laugh actually get more wrinkles – around the eyes, you know? But I think the balance still is in our favor – what’s better to look at? A sourpuss wrinkle-free face or a face that looks like it’s not told it’s last fart joke? I’ll leave the answer to you….

  9. ((Covering mouth with hand…giggling) You said fart…We LOVE all things related to farts in this household and there’s not one human among us that is younger then 49.So I guess you could say I’m 12 going on 50.And don’t get me started on butt cracks or droopy drawers…good for a laugh any time.Your son is being raised to have a good sense of humor and to be prankster, what more fun could a grown up have then having a young apprentice to pass on all the best pranks to?Hope you all are having a great weekend.

  10. ‘chrikid’ is such an awesome spelling. I love kids’ artwork. They are the best artists.

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