Didn’t See This One Coming, But I Will Take Care of It.

Sometimes I get primal when I stare at Roan for too long.  I start melting on the inside and traveling to when he was born and then remembering how he looked as an infant.  We were sitting on the couch watching TV together this weekend when he just started staring at me.  I stared back, getting into that swimming lovey feeling.  I began to marvel at how he has the same face that he did when he was born but now he’s got this whole personality to back it up. Eyeball to eyeball, I started wondering what he was thinking and why he was so enraptured with me.  He kept staring, like he was trying to memorize my face – I held his stare so he could burn it into his mind – this is how your mother looks, this is love, we are one….


“You look like you’re growing a mustache.” 


And back to the TV he went.  Sometimes Roan is not all that cool.


So.  How was your weekend?


14 responses to “Didn’t See This One Coming, But I Will Take Care of It.

  1. dawn from Houston

    Me: Looks at son adoringlySon: “Why are you looking at me funny? Do you have gas?Funny how they are not always on the same mindwave as you.

  2. Sorry about the pneumonia and the moustache. Hope they both pass. My weekend was a mess, but that’s what you get when you decide to leave the city and move to the burbs. A whole lotta packing. The highlight was our son, coming home from the market with my dad, holdig a red rose and telling us that “This is the flower of Love. I am giving you this because I love you. It’s called a rose. What’s for dinner?”. The rest was so-so. But hey, I don’t have pneumonia (but I can spell it! I think.)Love from Stockholm

  3. My 8 year old came home from school at the beginning of the year and started crying as she hugged me.Me: What’s wrong?Her: In health today the teacher said fat people die with heart attacks. Who’s going to take me to swimming lessons if mummy has to mow the lawn after you die?p.s. I’ve lost 23 pounds since that conversation and started mowing on a different day so I take her to swimming lessons.

  4. Ah, the sweet and innocent cut-down. I know those all too well. Gabe was king, but he’s learned to keep those thoughts to himself finally. “Grandma, you are sooooo faaat? Wow, how did that happen?!”I got the mustache line also, and the yellow teeth and old-lady wrinkles. Phin and Gabe still chat about my big, soft, squishy mama belly, but they absolutely love it and fight over who gets to bury their face in it first.2 parts endearing, 1 part humiliating…I’ll take it!

  5. My weekend was similar, except that I was teaching my 13 year old (first born) son to shave HIS mustache. I’m not mature enough for this.

  6. Damn. That sucks. Don’t tell anyone this… shhh… but I noticed some darker hairs on my upper lip- WTF, right? Last time I checked, I was still only 25… anywhoooooo- I got some of the AVON fresh & smooth facial hair removal cream and it DOESN’T smell nasty like Nair or anything, and works well… You can get it from their website and it’s on sale now. You know, just in case you DID decide to take care of it. If there’s actually anything to take care of. Kids are known for hyperbolizing these things, no? 😉

  7. Oh snap. I think kids see everything in HD. You looked darn good yesterday. I heard your hair turned out lovely.

  8. Dawn – No doubt. Don’t even get me started on that topic. Roan goes on for days with laughter anytime one slips in our house. Ridiculous.Anna – Ok I have to say I will take pneumonia and my mustache over moving. Moving gives me anxiety for days. Hope it’s over soon! Love the rose story. Too cute. Hope he doesn’t turn on you!Jori – Are you laughing at me?!? BMOZ – Oh man. Ok that’s a good one. I love how they can slap us around in the sweetest way. Congrats on the lost 23. That’s awesome.LeLaLu – I’m glad you’re getting it too. Sorry. And the mama belly is a sweet thing – Roan always rubs my belly. You’re right about the humiliation to endearment ratio. It’s not bad.Lara – after you’re done with him, wanna come over and shave mine?Jaden – I totally have to take care of it. Now that I’ve written about it I expect my friends and family to be staring at my upper lip. What have I done??Robey – Ah yes my hair is lovely. The hair on my head. Lovely. Thanks for the compliment and thanks for the coffee yesterday. Also – thanks for reminding me of the phrase “Oh Snap”. I’ma start using that one again.

  9. Roan is a blast! hahahaha…and don’t feel bad, I have the mustache thing going on too.We were graced with about 8″ of heavy wet snow Saturday, spent most of the day watching the birds out our patio doors…it seems the snow had no bearing on their eating and mating. By Sunday late afternoon all the snow had melted leaving a muddy yard behind, which is always fun with a house full of dogs.

  10. Awwww He loves you! What a guy!I wish my kids were still that kind but they morphed into teenagers. Ugh!

  11. As a teacher and camp counselor I have been called everything from fat, ugly, and old (I am 26)..to beautiful, princess, Snow White, and mommy (which is the highest compliment–though if I recall, extremely embarrassing for a child to do that in front of his/her classmates). Kids are so in the moment, in both their honesty as well as their lack of social boundaries. I am a long time silent admirer of your blog Jodi, thank you!

  12. Katherine – I remember the muddy yard + dogs scenario. We had a doggie door and it totally was disastrous. Good times.Kat – HA! Well, he does love me but really. This was not the best way of showing me. Now he thinks it’s funny to bring it up all the time. To people at the park. Awesome.Stephanie – I’m happy to hear your voice – thanks! Also, you’re a better person than me. Being a teacher is something I always thought I should have been, but never had the follow-through to accomplish. Well done.

  13. Wow. Never really turns out like you think it will, does it? Glad you have a great sense of humor, though.

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