Sun is in the Sky Oh Why Oh Why Would I Want to be Anywhere Else?

Saturday our family was fated to once again visit the Big Rat in the Sky; yup you guys know his name…Chuck.  We attended a birthday party and Roan couldn’t have been happier to go there even though he’d just been there four days prior for a different birthday party.  Let me say that I know it is popular to hate on the Big Rat.  But, the employees there are remarkably amicable.  I’m not being sarcastic here.  In the most sincere way I’d like to say that Brooklyn has the nicest Chuck E. Cheese employees possibly in the world.  Which is interesting because directly below Chuck’s is a Target, which has the nastiest employees in the world.  For reals.  They are very mean.  I do not know how Chuck’s guys maintain their cheery dispositions because after a little while there I feel like putting a fork into my eyeball for relief from the constant noise.  Those kids are unflappable. 

When Anson, Roan and I began walking home, I navigated us on a path we don’t typically follow.  It is down a somewhat depressing street with run down buildings but a few new ones.  There are a lot of murals on the walls, and I thought Roan would enjoy seeing them.  He told me he thought they were “Just so-so”.  W
  We headed over the Gowanus Canal, which is famously dirty and not beautiful.  Roan stopped us right over the water and threw a fist full of Goldfish crackers into the water.  Seagulls started swooping down from thin air, and suddenly ducks were swimming in the previously empty canal.  I have no idea where they came from.  Or how they survive in the rainbow colored water.  We stayed there for about an hour, throwing crackers into the water, taking bets on whose head the birds would poop on first. Miraculously no one got it.  I’m hoping this picture will remind Roan of this day – it was so simple and fun and there was a lot of laughter.  With no planning or strategizing at all.  What the….?

We got home and Anson tried to lie down on the couch.  HA!  Not on my watch.  I know that it is a time-honored tradition for the weekend to be the time of nap taking but did I mention it was a beautiful day?  So I bullied him off the couch and we headed over to the park for some skateboarding.  After about 15 tiring minutes of me telling Roan he was riding with the wrong foot forward, he finally told me, “Mom, this is just my way.  So it is my way.”  Reeeeaaaallllly.  I mean, ok.  So I let it go but told him he should ride it the same way he rides his scooter, with the other foot forward.  He turned around and did this gesture where he scratched his nose but I’m kind of certain that he was giving me the finger.  I blame the parents.

The following day we hung out with Sophia.  And I watched Roan on his scooter and whaddya know?  He DOES ride with the same foot forward.  I was totally screwing him up with my advice.  Lesson learned.  His way is just his way and the finger.  Ok I get it.  But then…my boy just flew.  He hopped on his bicycle, which he hasn’t ridden since last autumn.  He was afraid and told me not to let go.  But I did let go because I couldn’t keep up and he mastered within minutes what he fought hard to barely grasp all season last year.  Not only that, Sophia demanded that her training wheels come off, and she perfected everything about riding a two-wheeled bicycle in about ten minutes. 

We had a celebratory dinner with our friends at their home, with their extended family in town and all these completely nutso kids running around in an apartment bursting at the seams.  We finally got home feeling fat and tired and Anson finally got to fling his body onto the couch and Roan was dirty and goofy and me?  I just cannot remember ever being happier.  These moments of common occurrences: feeding birds, riding bikes with friends, dinners together – they are overwhelming to me.  I would almost wish for a stop button to push, but I’m eager to see what’s next.  I think good times are always just around the corner.  Provided there’s good weather.  


22 responses to “Sun is in the Sky Oh Why Oh Why Would I Want to be Anywhere Else?

  1. Oh my gosh – that shot of your family in shadow surrounded by a halo and accompanied by the stark white birds? BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Spring Fever seems even more euphoric when you have a kid. Love the “Don’t Even Think About It” with Roan. That is so him.

  3. Of course it is completely unnecessary to the end result, but I do wonder sometimes if your generation ever pauses to be grateful for this on-line journaling experience. I am certain that I must have had my own version of the kinds of days that you describe when my child was young. But they fade. And so few of us took the time to journal on paper, so sometimes when I really need a moment of reflecting on the beauty that has gone before, it simply isn’t there any more. And I do think that it is easier to find the beauty ahead if one can hold a bit of the beauty that is behind. (Did I make sense at all?) (aka thanks for helping lots of us stop and smell the ducks – it goes something like that, doesn’t it)

  4. I love the photography that highlights your writing. Beautiful!

  5. It’s so good you pause to appreciate. Even bad times seem pretty good sometimes.

  6. And here I accused the Gowanus Canal of being ugly…HA! Thanks for liking the pic – I took about a dozen of these shots and at one point captured a seagull’s poop mid-air. I was so totally tempted to post that one….

  7. Yeh it is like Spring Fever on steroids when you have kid. Especially here – where they’ve been indoors – in(small)doors for months and months and are ready to explode. The sun feels especially good in these days.

  8. Another Sue – Actually this is giant reason why I write. I want to remember this time, and I’d love for Roan to be able to read about it when he’s older – maybe when he has kids of his own. I’ve found that when I revisit the posts even from a few months ago, I’ve already forgotten some of the things we’ve done together. It is nice to have them in a safe place.

  9. Thanks Donna! Also, just so you know – I LOVED Ice Castles too when I was a young lady. I think I saw it about 14 times. Don’t throw the roses!!!Ok – sorry – I was just reading about it on your blog. Also – sounds like today is an important day for your family . Your entry is a beautiful tribute.

  10. I love your photography!! If I was you, I would blow up and frame that photo of your shadows with the birds… it is awesome! Actually, all of the ones in here are…Spring is just so great to enjoy with kids, isn’t it?!

  11. Thanks Lo Lo Bot. You’re a good sister.

  12. Jodi, Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond to my blog. I’ve only just thrown my hat into the ring of online blogging, and so far am loving the opportunity to share my journey with others, and to participate ‘virtually’ in the lives of others as well. I plan to check in with your blog frequently–I love your writing style and engaging voice.Donna

  13. Just dropped by from Fatty. Roan’s boarding style is called goofy footed. Sounds strange, but that is how I ride skateboards, scooters, and snowboards, too. Great blog, I have added you to my list of favorites.

  14. You are doing it good jodi. I got too any inspiration from your blog. Thanks and once again a nice share

  15. Jaden – seriously thanks for the love! And yes – Spring is the goods.jwbikes – goofy, huh? Of course it is called that – totally fits. Thanks for adding me to your favorites!

  16. Jodi I enjoyed reading about your day. I wish that I had done more of these kinds of things with my kids. but instead they learned music which isn’t all bad. Enjoyed your sweet comments about Paul and saying his letter to you. It is good to remember the good times isn’t you

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  18. Why is fashion and beauty more important?

  19. Spring is colorful and become more beautiful with kids

  20. Its true spring is beautiful but i have to say i live for summer!!!!!

  21. Each season is beautiful in its own right,But yes i have to admit spring is lovely.

  22. Photography in awesome man. Loved the way you narrated your trip. Hhmm kids make life even more beautiful.

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