Please Don’t Sing Kumbaya While Reading This

Over the weekend, on two occasions, all my internal voices said the same thing, which is rare because they’re usually a little schizophrenic. They told me all my readers should send five dollars to me if they want good luck.  They also told me that I have really great people in my life. 

Friday night after coming home a little late, we noticed a package had been delivered.  I knew straight away this was going to be a great package because it had Appaman monkey headed tape on it.  Appaman makes the tracksuits that Roan loves, the ones that he will not take off even if they are dirty.  In short, Roan believes Appaman makes the Cadillac of tracksuits.  Actually, No.  He wouldn’t even really like a Cadillac because it is an automobile, which obviously means he would throw up in it.  But I digress, and am now moving on.  We opened the package, and it was bigger excitement than Christmas.  Not one but two new tracksuits – a Red one and a Black one – in his size. (Roan has grown about 3 inches in 2 months.  No lie.) Inside was a note that read:




The Track Suit Fairy has been watching you and thought she’d get you some bigger sizes.  Happy Spring kiddo.


Track Suit Fairy”


About half and hour was spent with Roan bouncing back and forth between the new threads, combining first the Red top with the Black pants then vice versa then the complete Red then the complete Black.  He couldn’t believe that these things would just appear and be gifted, with no asking, no negotiating, and no waiting.  It was an ambush gift that totally spun him out. 

I love seeing my son happy and I love seeing him looking more stylish than even your average Lower East Side Kindergartner (I’m mostly confident this is where the most stylish Kindergartner’s reside).  But more than that, I just thought it was incredibly kind for my friend Lynn who owns Appaman with her husband Harald to send these to my boy, making him feel more than stylish – he felt special.  That is a good way to feel on a Friday night.

Then Saturday morning I received an email from a friend.  This friend helped me in the past, when I needed to find some light in a dark time for my family.  I reached out to her recently for a favor on behalf of one of my readers (who is in turn trying to help someone in her life), and my friend wrote to me on Saturday to say she had found success.  I felt very much the same way my boy did the night before: so happy and surprised at my luck – not in receiving a gift, but in the excellence of people that have somehow landed in my life.


I think it’s easy to focus on the negative hum of anxiety that seems to be vibrating through our lives.  But when you keep getting hit over the head with the awesomeness of the people in your life, it’s time to just stop complaining and proclaim that life is good.  Not only is it good, it’s probably better than I deserve. 


It’s as simple as that, and I had to say it.  There, I said it.



10 responses to “Please Don’t Sing Kumbaya While Reading This

  1. This is beautiful. Thanks for the reminder of how awesome the simple things can be. I love the feeling you get when a surprise happens. The unexpected rush of joy and the smile that takes over your face when you realize that someone thought of you and wanted to pass on some joy, no strings attached.

  2. Well, I didn’t sing, but I did hum a bit… Nice way to start the week, so thank you 😀

  3. And that feeling is quadrupled when you see your kid feeling it with you.

  4. Kali – you are the most supportive underminer I have ever met. Now stop that humming already!!

  5. There’s no way to edit comments, is there? I hope that it didn’t sound like I was thanking you for your sentiments, ’cause I’ve yet to do anything more for you than babble. It was the reminder to be grateful that I appreciated.Oops. I had quit humming, but coming back here got me started again.

  6. I’m sold. Where can I get a track suit for my kid? And do they make them in adult sizes? This is right up my alley. Comfort never looked so good.

  7. I sent the fiver. Sadly, the postage ate up $4.70 of it, and with the exchange rate the way it is 30c of Ozzie wealth equates to roughly 22c of stars and stripes.Take the family out for dinner if you dare.

  8. Hey, if you need someone to hand me down those old track suits to, I know another little boy who also loves cool loose clothing, but is still a little shrimpy.

  9. Kathie Ashmore

    Well Jodi, I would send you the $5 you requested but I don’t have your address. Thanks for sharing your life stories on your blog. I love reading random blogs but it is so much nicer when you actually “know” the person.

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