Duuuuuuuuuuude! Someone Gimme A High-Five!!

My brother just called me. He said I won a Bloggie.  He said that he won a Bloggie.  I’m going to write something really really awesome and clever for tomorrow but I just had to post this exclamation of wonderment.




Not that I’m excited or anything.  Nope.  I’m much too cool to be excited.  




I don’t know if it will actually be awesome or clever tomorrow.  Let’s keep the bar of expectations nice and low, just to be safe.




Also……wwwwwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhoooooooooooooo!!!!  And thanks guys.


22 responses to “Duuuuuuuuuuude! Someone Gimme A High-Five!!

  1. rock rock on, y’all. if i had to lose to someone, i’m glad i lost to you.your family is like a bloggie juggernaut.

  2. Congrats! I read it on PW’s twitter and am so pleased for both you and your brother. From here you look to be fine folk, and the world could do with more of you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations! Well-deserved wins all-round!

  4. Congratulations..you now have a new reader because I like your humor and common sense…the kiss episode was especially fun to read, I’m so glad you didn’t tell them they would grow hairy palms, more then one kid has had to wear gloves in the middle of summer because they imagined the worst.

  5. Hey! Congrats!I read about you through The Pioneer Woman’s tweets on the bloggies, popped over, spent some time here this afternoon and have to say… I really love your writing style!! Congrats again on the win, I can’t even imagine how excited you are… Err, I mean, NON-excited, since you’re way too cool for that, right?! ;)You’re on my blogroll now, so you’ll be seeing more of me. Ciao! And did I mention… CONGRATS!

  6. Great news! Well deserved! Keep up the good work!

  7. And if I had to beat somebody, I’m glad it was you. Hang on….that totally doesn’t sound as good. Seriously – you’re my new favorite blog to read. And that’s saying mucho because of what a crap cook I am. You shoulda won, you were robbed. But “juggernauts”….that’s funny. I may get it tattooed on my bicep.

  8. Did you ever know that you’re my hero? Thanks Elden!!! You did this – thank you.

  9. A big slap on the back for you and Fatty. High fives and champagne all around.Congrats and keep up the good writing!!

  10. Congrats to you and Fatty. Champagne all around!!And keep the good writing coming.

  11. Another Sue – Fatty is for sure fine folk, and I’m at least average. Thanks for the encouragement!Melanie – Thank you!Katherine – oh man I should confess some of the stuff I do tell my kid. There are times my common sense filters seem to be turned off. That would be a great post – until then, thanks for reading me.Jaden – First, I cannot believe the Pioneer Women even tweeted the words Pistols and Popcorn. She’s like this diety in the blog world. Second – yeh, I’m cool like that. It’s not like I screamed in my poor brother’s ear when he called. Nope. No way.Shelley – thanks! I’ll try to keep going. Hopefully my son doesn’t get boring any time soon because then what would I do?? Boz- YEH!! Thanks man – and let’s get that champange pouring! Again…..not that I’m excited.

  12. Yeah!! Here’s a big ol’ high five from Minnesota!! You had my vote from the first post I read- congrats!!

  13. WhooooHoooo!!!Way to go…happy for you, but you will never win this award again….the secret’s out!

  14. woo-hoo! yessssss!

  15. I couldn’t be more proud if I birthed you myself. Kudos!Sh-Lola

  16. I raise this now warm bubble-tea your son wisely rejected tonight to your blog and chew the embedded tappioca balls with fond congratulations and warm feelings of pride and frank jealousy.

  17. Kudos to both you and Elden! I’m so glad his blog led me to your blog so I could become enraptured with your Tales of Roan. It’s good stuff, and you deserve your win as much as Fatty’s deserved each of his.

  18. You da’ woman! Congratulations!(And to Elden too, but eh, he’s been there before, right? I am joking.)All hail Nelson-authored blogs!

  19. Congrats! It’s a well deserved award for a very enjoyable blog.

  20. Congratulations to you and your brother!

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