Best Snow Day Ever


Sunday night, New York was hit with a major snowstorm.  It was so major that all the public schools were closed.  Now, I must just make this Colorado Girl observation:  Ha!  Really, New York?  Because in Colorado they would have told us to “Suck It Up Buttercup” and sent the children to school barefoot, facing the wind, uphill both ways etc. etc.  Still.  Brooklyn schools were closed and there was much, much rejoicing.  I think I possibly was more excited than Roan was because I know what a snow day means: same as a sick day, but without the misery.  It can be the Best Day Ever.

After Roan and I ate our second breakfast (really, these days have to revolve around food and play.  This is how we achieve Best Day Ever status) we built our TV watching fort.  We’re well practiced in making the fort.  The fort is up in our home more often than it is down.  It’s made up of every pillow in the house, a few blankets, and Roan’s Landing Pad (he has a designated Landing Pad to facilitate safe dismounts from his loft bed.)  We then put on a marathon round of Woody Woodpecker cartoons and tickled, wrestled, cuddled and zoned our way through many of them. 


When we reached the maximum amount of Woody Woodpecker Cartoons one should watch in one sitting, we put on our winter best and prepared for the worst.  It was necessary to brave our way outdoors, and the reasons were twofold:

  1. The Wii controllers were dead.  We needed batteries, and we needed them quick.
  2. We were missing ingredients for chocolate chip cookies.


Our mission was dangerous but we are fierce!  We accomplished it with very little resistance, returned to the fort, and played Super Swing Golf Season 2 while our cookies baked.  Roan and I contemplated how many chocolate chip cookies we’d have to eat in order to consider it a “binge”.  He said if he ate as many as he could, and he could feel them in his neck, that was too much.  I couldn’t agree more.  So, as I couldn’t feel the cookies in my neck yet we ate and ate and golfed and then went into a food coma.

Once we spiked, crashed and then got some real food, Roan and I went to the park with the mission of building a snowman.  The snow, however, was as fluffy as powder and not good for snowman building.  Some other Brooklynite apparently had the same mission and gave it a go.  Luckily Roan was satisfied to just add a hat to an existing (yet disappointing) snowman and we were on our way to a snowball fight. (Full disclosure:  I pegged Roan square in the nose with a snowball and while I was hugging him I couldn’t help but laugh as the image of his face looking to the sky and getting splatted with the snow kept replaying.  Seriously I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I’m laughing again as I type this.  He kept asking why I was laughing and I had to say it was because I was so happy he didn’t get hurt but really my dark heart just thinks it is hysterical to peg 5-year-old boys in the face with snowballs.  Must be from my childhood.  Keep your boys away from me when snow is around.)

 It got cold fast so we got home fast.  With some dry clothes, coffee (me) and a steamer (him) later, we wrote stories, colored  pictures and waited for Anson to get home.  The day ended with more food and some family games and stories read and songs sung.  I consulted the weather report with fingers crossed for another “Closed” announcement, but no dice.  I’ve never been so disappointed to see such a beautiful weather forcast.


6 responses to “Best Snow Day Ever

  1. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. I just laughed crazy hard about your snowball fight, too.

  2. Colorado Mama

    Think I could grab a plane and come and play – and eat cookies? Such fun. I am hoping your world is the real reality.

  3. I had a snow day too and I felt so spoiled. Now I want more and more of them. It sounds like you two had so much fun! Occasionally when I was young my mom would let me take a “sick day” and just hang out with her and they were always the best days ever.

  4. Jori – or maybe there’s something wrong with both of us. However, even if that is the case, I’ll take it. Nothing beats a kid’s mug kissed with snow. A forced kiss, yes, but a kiss nonetheless.Mom – Ahttp://www….having you here would have made it even better. Then you could have done all the cooking and the food would have been much much better. Feel free to hop a plane anytime.Stephanie – I only realized recently that I had that power – the one that lets you take your kid out of school. I’ve used it once, on his birthday, during a snowstorm, to go make snow angels. But it really is a big act of self control to not abuse the power on those days when I’m bored and just want to hang out with him.

  5. I remember most of my days off from school in bits and pieces. Your son is really lucky to have this record of the time you’ve spent together, and the things you’ve done together. Keep writing for him, but the rest of us are really enjoying it too!

  6. Carl – well I’d be hopeless at making a baby book. Thank God I was born as a mother in the age of blogging or else poor Roan would be stuck with my muddled memories of his childhood. At least here I have photographic proof that he smiled a lot.

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