Freakin’ Pi@st$#s and Pop#%$n!

So I received my first piece of “hate mail” recently in the comment’s section.  It was interesting stuff.  This person has had it with me. Seriously, their name, “wowjustwow” says it all.  She (he?) has HAD it with me. 


Among the highlights of the comment were:


“So from what I can gather here, you constantly need to be patted on the back and told what a good mother you are, since the blog appears to be about nothing other than every movement, word, scribble, facial expression, and thought produced by your child.”


True.  I’m guessing that you’re mostly upset that I don’t include when Roan poops?  I’ve considered it.  I understand that as important as he is and certainly with how important I am (yes I am a potentially but not very likely to win award seeking blogger), people have a desire to know timing, consistency and the general comfort level of each poop he has.  I’ll think about it.   But if you want me to write about these things, you’re going to have to give me a pat on the back re: my awesome mothering skills.  Tit for tat, pall-y.


Moving on with constructive ideas such as:


“You live in New York, appear to be the typical pretentious “we let our child make grown up decisions” type (don’t correct his misspelled words, let him decide what the family eats, etc) much like Sarah Jessica Parker and her “our son has hair down to his elbows because he doesn’t want to cut it” BS that appears to be some asinine trend. Your brother is Fat Cyclist (surprise!) who probably told you of the lucrative biz of blog writing, although that will be denied because no one makes money off of blog writing, right? lol.”


May I remind you that Roan is five and if I corrected all of his misspelled words I would have very little time to collect pats on the back for my mothering skills?  Also, I’m confused about the surprise regarding Mr. Fat Cyclist being my brother.  Were you going for something like a “SURPRISE!  You’re on the Maury Povich Show and the Fat Cyclist is your Brother!” thing? Because listen, I’ve known he’s my brother for a really long time.  One more thing on that paragraph: don’t you lol at me man. The lucrative biz of blog writing?  Reeeallllly?  While you’re here could you click on an ad…hang on….hold the phone….no ads?  Hmmmmm.


Further love from my admirer goes a little like this:


“Now go ahead and think up some “your so evil” garbage to explain this response then sit your son down and tell him that anyone that does not love every scribble he makes may not be a bad person, just misunderstood, and not everyone can be as full of BS as his mother, then go dye his hair and put lipstick on him again to foster his creativity some more”


Three things: 


1.  When you say “your so evil” you should actually spell it “you’re so evil” because I’m guessing you are trying to use the contraction of “you are” rather than the second person possessive form of the word?  You’re welcome.  Wait, let me make it more familiar:  Your welcome! 

2.  Roan has no interest in wearing lipstick.  It smears all over the place when he’s kissing me inappropriately.

3.  I’ve changed my mind on the “bad people” front.  You’re actually kind of an asshole.


I deleted “wowjustwow”’s comment that day, and have banned their IP address after they came back a few times to spread more cheer.  It was a no-brainer for me.  As my sister said to me later that morning, “There’s no rule that says you have to let someone come into your house and abuse you”.  And that is true.  I just think it is so weird that someone would want to.  Anyway – big apologies for dragging Sarah Jessica Parker into this, I know she has troubles of her own.  Have a great weekend!


112 responses to “Freakin’ Pi@st$#s and Pop#%$n!

  1. Fantastic. I think the inappropriate use of contractions must be a pet peeve of all intelligent people everywhere. Well done on the tearing “wowwowwow” down to size.Also, I really enjoy your blog.

  2. I have a hate mailer who leaves me Bible verses every time I talk about marriage equality or really anything leftist-y. I’ve started leaving them there so that maybe someday someone can help me understand their relevance.And thank you for not telling us about anyone’s poop. I might have start leaving you hate comments then.

  3. Don’t have any intelligent words of wisdom for you, but greetings from Denmark! Losers will be losers, don’t worry about it.

  4. Dawn from Houston

    (checks to see whose blog this is, making sure “wowjustwow” did not suddenly take possession of it)Yup, yup, still Pistols and Popcorn; which means you get to control the content of it, you would be within your rights to write about Roan’s fecal habits (thank you for choosing not to do so).This blog falls into the category of “family blog”, what else should you write about other than your family, at it’s home in NYC? Why else do people visit this blog?Kudos to you and your sister for realizing that you do not need to take that kind of abuse from anonymous posters.

  5. Hello! Recent follower, but I just wanted to tell you that I love reading about your adventures with Roan!wowjustwow… definitley kind of an asshole!

  6. I’ve always been a great believer in “what goes around, comes around”. And one of my resolutions this year is to try and see just how LITTLE negative energy I can disperse. Even if I disagree with something or am peeved by someone…nope, just let that comment vaporize into thin air regardless of whether it would be spoken or written. Seriously, it’s a case of “if you can’t say something good, then just stfu”. Of course, there have been lapses, because this is a major habit to attempt cultivating. But I am not giving up. Every day, it’s take a deep breath and visualize communicating in a more positive manner.wowjustwow is the opposite of that.

  7. [sarcasm]Well, if you will lock “wowjustwow” in your basement and force them to read your blog[/sarcasm] Seriously, what kind of person has enough time on their hands to read blogs (apparently repeatedly) that they hate so much??Mel

  8. I love your blog! And hey, last time I checked it was YOUR blog and why wouldn’t you write about things that are going on in YOUR life? Like um, I dunno, your son? Jeez, some people. Keep on keepin’ on! 🙂

  9. you know, it’s just like people who bitch about the content of television shows these days – the set has an off button. use it. why would anyone read your blog if they didn’t enjoy what you have to say? just don’t come back to this site, idiot wowjustwow. i personally enjoy your site very much – found you through fat cyclist. love both sites – don’t let the idiots of this world get to you!!!

  10. I love that you corrected the you’re/your issue…my numero uno pet peeve!!

  11. Hey, occasional reader here… I love how so many people feel the need to write comments like that on people’s blogs. Personally, if I click on a link in someone’s blogroll, start reading and find it to be not to my taste, I stop reading, click the ‘back’ button and go elsewhere. Why would someone feel like they had to comment as such?

  12. BurkeInTheOzarks

    Right on, Jodi! I find it humorous that wowjustwow accuses you of trying to pull a LaToya Jackson. I mean, how dare you attempt to ride on the coattails of your brother’s fame to what will surely be a life of mansions and caviar! That’s what happens to bloggers, right? Wait a minute, you mean there a literally millions of bloggers out there, some of whom might actually be siblings of other bloggers, who are just relaying their own personal take on the world around them? Wow, just wow. Wowjustwow really IS kind of an asshole…

  13. Man, must just be one of those weeks, or months for me. I’m blaming it on some planetary misalignment…that works for me. I live in something of a bubble, where people care about one another, and try to see the best in the world. Every now and then someone, or something pops it. Usually spins me out for a few days, gives me perspective, then I blow another pretty little bubble. Well, I’m not really THAT delusional, but I just can’t get into the heads of people like this, and that’s probably a good thing. Call me a traditional, child-adoring mom, but I love to connect with other parents and share the joy and struggles. Keep it flowin’ yo.

  14. I have been reading a lot lately about the snarkiness (spelling?) of people on the internet. It seems like the anonymity of it gives them license to be rude. Would wowjustwow talk to her friends this way?

  15. Isn’t it weird when someone not only takes the time to read a blog they have no interest in, but also takes the time to leave comments explaining in detail why they have no interest in it? How seriously lonely and depressed does one have to be if bashing someone else is the only way to get a little buzz? What a poor sad little soul. You’re fabulous. Don’t change a thing.

  16. I am a recent follower of the blog and absolutely adore your stories, your style and your insight. I don’t have children, but my husband and I just bought an apartment in the east village and it’s comforting to know that I could raise children here without them inevitably turning out like Olivia and Nevan from “The City”. Thank you!! There will always be people who are unhappy with themselves who feel the need to make others as miserable as they are. That is exactly why it is important to counteract them by spreading kindness, generosity and understanding which you seem to do in spades!!

  17. Thank you for sharing this and making me laugh. I am always amazed by the ignorance of some people and thier need to share that ignorance with the rest of us. I’ve been enjoying both your blog and your brothers blog since I recently founf them. Keep up the good work (if you could leave out the poopy parts, that would be great, but whatever you want to do with your blog is okay too).

  18. DANG!!!! That wjw – is an absolute needy, uptight “I hate anyone who has a good parent/child relationship. If they don’t like fun moms, stay off this freakin blog! Looking for feedback is a desperate and pathetic cry for attention. Your life is so boring, you feel like you should run around and tell other people how to live? get over yourself – find something worthwhile in your own life wjw… so sad. Jodi YOU rock! – got your back, baby. (sorry I had to vent) yippee!!!

  19. oh – and wjw – says hair “die”.haaaa!

  20. I love the irony of WJW complaining about your decision to not correct Roan’s misspellings, and then him/her having that little spelling issue of his/her own, thereby providing you with a perfect tool to help Roan learn the correct use of contractions vs. possessives. Though I guess you’d have to clean up the language before you let him read this.I stand with Casey, though, on drawing the line at reading about your boy’s poops. Thank you very much.

  21. All I can say is that I am totally in love with your blog and I am waiting patiently to know when Roan poops and what he is wearing today and what he said that was cute and so do all my friends who are also addicted to your blog. We log-in daily for an awesome dose of YOU and ROAN. You have made me realize that parenting can be fun and creative and awesome. Keep it up sister!

  22. Forget negative posters. Some people just like to come and stir up trouble. I love your blog!

  23. Shame on you Jodi for consistently posting about the people and things that are most important to YOU. Honestly, I just keep coming here to hear your take on the post-modern osmosis of hairballs found commonly in the shower drain, but strangely you rarely write on this phenomenon. What’s up with that?(I just found you about a month ago and I’ve read through all the archives. I am hereby a Lifer)

  24. Wow. Just Wow. I just added that dickhead to the list of people not getting an invite to my funeral.I particularly love the bit about blog money. Blogging is highly lucrative though. Just like Amway and professional sports. People make zillions. Just not you or me.

  25. Well, I think Mr. Wow needs to go to time out!!!He definately has too much time on his hands to be reading a mommy blog and then tear it up. Really now! We read, we share, we laugh and gain insights by your writings. No one makes us visit you…if you don’t like it then don’t come over Red Rover!Love ya Jodes! See you in a couple of weeks!K

  26. Someone’s got their panties in a bunch, eh? Perhaps wowjustwow was never breastfed as a child.Now please excuse me while I click on some invisible ads as I enjoy this blog and want to make sure my presence here keeps it running like the well-oiled money-making machine that it apparently is supposed to be.

  27. Oh good gracious. Amazing what people will say online. Do I agree with you all the time? No- I’m a conservative LDS mom, on the other side of the country, who really enjoys your writing. Besides being mothers that love our children to pieces, we don’t have much in common. I guess if I ever got REALLY upset at something you said, I could take you off my blog reader *oooh…scary* 🙂

  28. Whatever! You’re (or maybe I should say “your” haha) awesome! I enjoy this blog so much and could only hope to have a family as awesome as yours someday 🙂 Like the Dharma and Greg episode….put the negativity in a bubble and blow it away!

  29. Man. Who pissed in their cheerios? I don’t know what his/her problem with the world is, but I like your blog and will continue to read it.

  30. Surprise!I thought I’d take a moment from my lucrative blog to leave you a comment.LOL! Yes, I’m really laughing out loud at what I just wrote! I think the phrase “that will be denied because no one makes money off of blog writing, right?” is extremely witty and insightful, except for how the word “denied” makes no sense at all in that context! lol!I recommend unbanning this person. You should take a lesson from your lucratively-blogging brother, whose all-time most-popular post is when I did a similar post-mortem on an angry reader’s comment. I still wish that guy would comment again.

  31. Wait a minute, you can make money blogging? Why am I always the last to know?Poor wowjustwow. He or she is no Dr. Michael Lammler.

  32. Wow.. just… wow… :oPI almost have no words in response to the very mean and ill-spirited comment wowjustwow left you.Your response to him/her is pure awesomeness.As a person who gets annoyed with misuse of “your” for the contraction of “you are” I am particularly fond of the way you addressed that bit of the mean comment.

  33. Aaargh!Your brother out-sprinted me to the Lammler reference!Honestly, it’s just not fair having to compete with a lucrative blogger who will spare no expense to claim a podium.

  34. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while now but today I definitely couldn’t help write something.This person is a total asshole. I don’t even know you but I love your blog and I love the way you write about Roan. You are an excellent mother (the kind I hope I will be) and it’s so refreshing to see someone who treats their child like a grown up. You let your child think for himself and form his own opinions rather than forcing him to feel the way you feel. I work with children, many of whom are so babied that they are shy, quiet and can’t even look strangers in the eye.I also think writing a blog about bringing up your child is a wonderful thing. I only wish my parents had the internet when I was Roan’s age so I could go back and read their thoughts and feelings, go over things we did together that are long since forgotten.I hate the way people think that anonymity gives them the right to be outrageously rude in a way that they never would be in person. I’m fortunate that I’ve never had too much “hate mail” on my blog but if I did, like you, I’d just ignore them.I love your blog and will keep on reading!

  35. My friend Julie over at turned me on to your blog a couple weeks ago, and now it’s a must-read. So even with Mr. Wow gone, you’re still breaking even in readership terms. And actually ahead in “nice readership” terms, if I do say so myself.Also, I interviewed your brother a while back at one of my sites, He’s a great guy.Jason Cranehttp://jasoncrane.org

  36. Excellent comeback. Keep up the great work! Both as a money grabbing blogger and a back patting mom. Gee I wish I was as good as you at both those things too.

  37. Hi Jodi- I have been reading you since the errorista days, but rarely comment. I just wanted to let you know that you are an awesome mom and I hope one day I can be half as cool a mom as you are. Before coming accross your blog, I wasn’t sure that I ever wanted to be a mom, and now, while I’m still not totally convinced, I have at least seen the light. Too many of my friends greeted motherhood by loosing all sense of self and identity. Its really refreshing to know you can be true to yourself and have an amazing kid!

  38. I love your stories about you and Roan. You sound like a fun yet responsible mother whose son will grow up to be a strong individual who is proud to be who he is. But that is not the point, the point is that if you dislike a blog enough to hate-comment on it, just don’t effing read it. Simple as that.

  39. I’ve been a blog reader for several years now. Your brothers was my first, but there are 8 or so I check regularly now. I’m continually shocked at the hateful comments some people leave. I don’t get it. I’ve run across a few blogs I didn’t care for. You know what? I just didn’t go back. I will never comprehend what causes people to do this.

  40. Jodi,We all know you only posted this so all your fave readers would pat you on the back. Yes, we love you. Your Awesome! [sic] Ok, can we move on? ;p

  41. I’m sure I speak for many when I say I’d love to hear more from the slap-n-shut-up parenting school of thought. Sounds promising and kind of fun.Please consider lifting the ban.PS Can Boone borrow Ro’s lipstick for his Barbara Streisand Revue/Liza Minelli revue tomorrow?

  42. I recently found your blog, from your brother’s blog, and I really enjoy it. My mother always told me “if you don’t have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.” Well, some people have no manners and are better off blocked. I say “enjoy the feeling from blocking them. You do not need people like that around.”

  43. She who speaks the truth

    I think it’s clear just what the real problem is here: “hownowbrowncow” needs more prayer in their life.Can I have an amen.

  44. Awww isn’t this sweet – you have used my comments to do EXACTLY what I said – get more pats on the back. Whether I said “your” instead of “you’re” or “die” instead of “dye” it is amusing watching you not only do exactly what I commented on, but use my own words to get those very responses from your readers. Irony at its finest. But please continue to ban all IP’s of anyone that disagrees with you because that is such a realistic way to look at the world. Nothing bad ever happens, no one ever disagrees with you, a simple comment about “you are just looking for pats on the back – get over yourself” can be blown into the god-awfulest (<– is that spelled right? I’m sure you’ll let me know) insult/slam ever imagined! So much so that you would devote an entire post of your idiotic blog to poke fun at the outrageous intruder. Go on with your bad self. Keep the psychotherapy analysis experts spewing out more theories such as how I wasn’t breast fed, or that I’m lonely and sad, or that I can’t appreciate a good mother-son relationship. Every single one of those comments just make you beam inside, I’m sure of it. Obviously it is impossible for you to comprehend that it is possible I have never seen something so begging for attention as your “PLEASE LOVE ME” blog. Sorry your brain can’t process that. But thanks for proving the point. Also, yes, your constant reference to your “love affair” with your son is disgusting. It’s one thing to love your child, but to constantly refer to a love affair and the other strange, borderline inappropriate comments you’ve posted here is just plain bizarre.There, that should make your pathetic sympathizers give your more pats on the back and mock me some more. Idiot.(not checked for spelling – please feel free to point out all spelling errors in an attempt to make yourself feel better)

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