Can Not Undo


I had a best friend when I was around age four, named Robert Baer.  We were determined that we would marry (and in fact did so a few times, in ceremonies officiated by whomever was nearby).  I knew everything about this kid.  I knew that when I had sleepovers, I didn’t want to sleep in his bed because he was a kicker.  I knew how to wind him up and how to talk him into letting me ride the plastic horse hosted up on springs first.  We knew we were bionic, his capabilities surprisingly similar to Steve Austin’s, mine to Jaime Summers; though my bionics had the additional benefit of allowing me to stick pennies to my forehead using only spit.  We would steal his mother’s bottles of Prell shampoo and dump them onto the dog, and I coveted Robert’s amazing luck to be able to pee standing up, which I tried to imitate over and over (looking back I’m very sorry to his parents for those attempts, and also wonder: who carpets a bathroom?)  

I can’t help but see this same friendship when I see Roan with Sophia:

The way they automatically reach for each other’s hands at street corners.

The way the stop talking when I’m within earshot and say in unison, “Nothing!”

Their fierce fighting followed by easy “So, do you wanna…..”, and the way they compete for Roan’s cousin Emmie’s attention when she’s around (who in this picture is wearing a black tutu and just blows my mind with her awesome style.)  I know they will be friends for life, even when life separates them.  This kind of friendship cannot be undone.


17 responses to “Can Not Undo

  1. I had this best childhood friend until I was 10, and we moved away. It’s funny that you compared your son’s friendship to your own old friendship because everytime I’ve seen you write about his friends, I am always reminded of my old friend. This time, you’ve done it, and I’m going to write to him.I think you’re right that the friendship doesn’t ever disappear, though you move on with life. A first best friend is forever.

  2. you gotta stop making me cry. i mean, really. stop.

  3. Love that picture of them walking hand in hand. They look like true New Yorkers, walking with purpose. Nice entry.

  4. Wait! Do you still talk to Robert?!Do you sit down to pee???

  5. That is adorable!It reminds me how profound simple things can be.

  6. Just so innocent….*sigh*.

  7. On Oct. 31, 2006, I arrived in NY just in time to join Sophia, Ira, Joe, and Laura on the Brooklyn “stoop” to hand out treats to “trick or treaters.” We enjoyed watching children come and go, but suddenly Sophia exclaimed, “Roan. There’s Roan.” I think that was the first time Sophia and Roan had visited outside of day care and I think that was the first time Joe and Laura met Roan’s folks. From that moment on, we’ve heard wonderful reports of this wonderful friend named Roan. I’m so thankful Sophia has had him and his family in her life and pray that their relationship will continue.Love you Jodi!Mom/Gram/Glo

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