Did I Mention the Fat Cyclist is Roan’s Uncle?

I’ve been asking a lot of my readers recently.  I asked for recipes, and got them in spades (I have successfully made Chicken Chili, Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Sweet Potato Fries, and Carrot Coriander Soup).  I still have a stack to get to, trying about 2 per week.  I asked for Anime suggestions appropriate for my son and our family has been enjoying awesome shows.  The current favorite is Ultra Maniac, and we have Azumanga Diaoh, Ranma ½, Denno Coil, and Avatar in our queue on Netflix.  Thank you oh so very very much for getting us away from the Disney Princesses, just for a little while.  I’ve asked for votes and we’ll see how that turned out on March 16th.  


To thank you, I’m letting Roan do the work.  Last night for dessert, I told him he could put whatever he wanted together in a bowl.  He did, and it was….very sweet. 

Here are the ingredients:


Here are the directions:


Pour Ginger Ale in a bowl, mash Otter Pop into it.

Load two kinds of ice cream into it.

Drop spoon onto floor, pick it up, lick it, and resume loading up ice cream

Pour Chocolate Covered Pop Rocks (taste, to insure quality), M + M’s (taste, to insure quality), Chocolate Chips (taste, to insure quality), and Chocolate Syrup (lick spout after pouring to maintain home cleanliness standards)

Garnish with a cookie

Here are the results:
(What?  You’re wondering why he looks so happy?  Because this dessert RULES, that’s why.  I know what you’re thinking: you think he lifted this recipe from Gourmet Magazine.  Not true!)


That’s right.  You wanna party with the Nelson-Calls, you gotta eat like the Nelson-Calls.  


15 responses to “Did I Mention the Fat Cyclist is Roan’s Uncle?

  1. I made about that same dessert last night. I am 34. Roan and I should be BFFs.

  2. Glad to hear you made my fave soup! How did you like it? And most importantly, how was it received by the family? By honest- you won’t hurt my feelings.But what is this new recipe you have posted here? I will not let Phin read this post and get any wild ideas about uber-desserts. Looks like a tummy-ache to me…bet it was phenomenal.

  3. Ha!Ha! Life is good as a little kid;-) Enjoy your blog and think Roan’s uncle is Keeewwwwwl:-)

  4. Chocolate-covered Pop Rocks?? Oh, lordy, how did I ever miss out on those? Other than that, Roan’s recipe sounds just like something my siblings and I would have made as kids. Anything’s better with ginger ale and ice cream.But Fatty’d better watch out, it’s obvious that Roan’s set on usurping the Best Dessert in the World title from his Banana Cream Parfait.

  5. someday i will teach roan about the magic of mayonnaise, peanut butter, and banana.

  6. Roan rocks! That’s an awesome looking dessert. Makes my teeth hurt just looking at it, which obviously means it’s the best dessert in the world.

  7. Hoo buddy. That looks so good I’m getting nauseous just thinking about it. I wonder at what point we’re too grown up to enjoy something like that? If ever? Kudos to you for giving him those opportunities for kiddo-fun.

  8. You have Otter Pops in your freezer in February? You are hardcore! Go Sir Isaac Lime.

  9. Of all times to be beaten by a hyperlink (or lack thereof). So, I’ve been reading Jodi’s blog for awhile, and know that the photos aren’t clickable for an expanded view. What photo do I try to click on absent-mindedly, just because I need a better view? The one with the mountain of goodies, of course! Wanted to read the labels. Sad, I know.

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  15. Any ways thanks for your recipe.I will try this for sure.

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