Oedipus Grows Up

Yesterday it was warm and sunny.  Roan and his friends played at the park extra long and with extra energy.  These kids know that the outdoor moments are few in this season, and it feels like Christmas when they get to spend a few hours in the wide-open world.  Roan gets extraordinarily happy if he doesn’t have to wear a coat, and he convinced me he didn’t have to yesterday.  That child has a superhero’s capability of not getting cold.  He became a rosy-cheeked banshee eating up every second of outdoor play.

When we finally threw in the towel and went home to warm up, Roan told me that he remembered summer and how much he likes it.  We told each other our favorite times of summer trips going to Coney Island, playing under the Brooklyn Bridge, visiting Central Park, and eating popsicles.  Then he changed out of his track pants into his track pants. (Roan wears track pants exclusively.  He’s like Mr. Rogers changing out of his outdoor jacket into his indoor cardigan.  Except he just goes from track pant to track pant.) So R
oan switches out his trousers, and splays out on the couch, and exclaims, “But winter is just so relaxing!
  We don’t have to do so much, and we can cuddle on the couch.”

I’m wondering if this will be his feeling next year, and the next?  I guess at some point boys aren’t so into holding their mom’s hand, laying their head on their mom’s lap, or kissing their mom full-on the mouth during commercial breaks.  For now my boy is, and I wish I could just push his pause button.  Every day he grows and learns and becomes more independent and I am so proud of every accomplishment.  But yesterday he told me that he wanted to do his homework in his room by himself.  And he read the instructions correctly and did his homework successfully without my help.  This morning he woke up earlier than usual.  Instead of crawling into bed with Anson and me, he turned on his lights and read books and worked in his workbook.  I suppose officially, Roan is a Big Kid. 

The official tears will come when (if?) he tells me that he’s retracting his demand to marry me after he figures out a way to get Dad out of the picture.  I will know for certain then, that my little Oedipus has grown up.


16 responses to “Oedipus Grows Up

  1. Chances are, your little Oedipus will continue to love mamma throughout his life. It just changes form…slowly…like how growth happens. More independence is awesome to witness emerging in the little ones.I am trying to open to the possibility that my 12-year old won’t have to gouge his eyes out and exile himself, but may be a snuggler through his teens! All on his terms of course, but hey, who’s complaining? And I do have boy#3 who officially wants daddy to “go away from ever”so he can have all of me. Maybe crazy ole Freud was on to something here! Naaaahh.

  2. I’ve still got a little bit of that going on. Mr14 still hugs both parents inside the house and gives and accepts kisses on the top of the head with me, the forehead and cheeks are reserved for the mother/son interactions.Mr10 still a mouth kisser, but he also plays 4 musical instruments and is better at art than science.The easiest way to describe Ms7 is by tonights conversation with me at dinner. “Daddy, you look tired. After dinner I think you should lay on the couch on my lap and sleep while I watch Friends.” So I did and she stroked my head (it used to be hair, but Fatty and I are follicle twins) until I fell asleep… hence it’s now 3 minutes to midnight and I’m awake again preparing tomorrow’s lessons. But she’ll be 8 next week, and completely over men I’m sure.

  3. You have some time Jodi. My 9 yo son is still a snuggle bug, although he prefers us not to call him booboo anymore!

  4. I, too, am so torn between the excitement of watching my four year old grow up and the joy of him right now. I know I will be sad when I can no longer pick him up, but I think my heart will truly break when he no longer wants me to.

  5. Oh, this is good! Maple, my daughter, insists now that she will marry her little sister. But only after she’s a honky tonk singer, teacher and sleuth. I snuggled down between my spawn just last night and read them Good Night Gorilla and it was just about the most perfect thing that ever happened to me.

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