No, I’m Not Proud of my Son at All.

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Reading + Writing

Yesterday the ground was covered in two inches of slush; no way could we play in that stuff.  Roan and I landed at the library cuddled up in a corner surrounded by books to read to each other.  Roan has suddenly had this switch activated where he can sound out almost any word, and is spelling words left and right.  His teacher says the term is “Imaginative Spelling”, and that we shouldn’t ever correct him, as to boost his confidence in his own ability to get words right.  While we were in our cozy little zone, my phone buzzed, with a text message from Anson.  Roan grabbed the phone, before I saw it, and read the message to me.  I asked if he wanted to write back to his dad.  Roan jumped at the opportunity, and started texting back and forth with Anson.  He both read and wrote absolutely on his own, with no help from me.  This was the first time Roan’s ever done it, and I was enchanted watching him sound words out on the little keyboard.  Their exchange lasted about one-half of an hour, and Roan told me I could share it with you.  Here it is, in it’s entirety:



To clarify: actually yes Roan did pinch my bum.  He read Anson’s command, giggled, told me to stand up, and goosed me.  Anson and I will have a conversation about that later.  We went home, had a “pic nic” (ate dinner in front of the TV) while we watched a “hol movy” (whole movie) with “sodu” (soda) and Roan was allowed to “pic ene move” (pick any movie).  We still need beer and eggs.

This morning the parents were invited into the classroom at Roan’s school to listen to the kids read “Small Moment Stories”.  The assignment was to write and illustrate a story.  Roan chose his kayaking in the snow event, and presented it this way:


If you can’t make it out:

“I was rideig a kieak it was so fun.”


I don’t think I need to clarify that story at all.  Have a great weekend!


91 responses to “No, I’m Not Proud of my Son at All.

  1. That is pretty much the best story I’ve ever read. Roan has a bright future ahead of him.

  2. To be honest, I’ve never really approved of kids pounding away on electronics. But also honestly I’ve never considered that they could be learning something. The texting seems like a really fun way for Roan to learn reading and writing comprehension skills. It must be working because at his age he spells better than I do.

  3. This is the greatest! Aren’t kids awesome? The “imaginative spelling” thing is a totally new concept. I’m still a little “jury is out” regarding this, but what do I know. I guess I shouldn’t be… My kids did it, and they’re turning out OK.

  4. I’m enjoying my reads here more each day. I think it is sweet that your husband and son seem to communicate on the same level. Must be fun to be at home.

  5. Way to go Roan (and Jodi and Anson for having passed on your superior intellectual abilities)!

  6. I just came upon your blog via the 2009 bloggies (I was there about to vote for some faves when i realized i had never heard of yours) and have spent the past, oh, lets say 2 hours at my desk reading your posts. aside from the fact that i often cry in inappropriate situations, i found your blog so beautiful and full of love that i may have cried. at my desk at work. so thanks. (but seriously, what a great blog, i’ll be stopping by more often)

  7. Ooh look, sideways scrolling, just like the bloggies. Nice work on the subliminal face slap.

  8. Love it! I’m new to your blog and checked it out when Fatty asked his readers to vote for you guys in the bloggies. As a 3rd grade teacher, I love hearing about your son’s adventures and seeing the world through his young eyes. I hooked on your blog!

  9. Oh! Baby’s first text. So cute.

  10. How cute! How were you able to get a screen shot of your iPhone text? I would love a tutorial! 🙂

  11. Hey Robin – True story: Roan taught me how to do that. I don’t know if he found it out randomly or if someone showed him on the sly, but here’s the deal. On the iPhone, if you press the Silver button on top (the one that turns it on/off) at the same time as the indented round button on the face, it takes a screenshot. Then you can upload it just like a regular photo onto your computer.TaDa! That is the first piece of techno savvy that I’ve ever been asked. Yay!

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