I Will Travel the World to Escape You. I’m Like That.

[Note from Jodi:  I am overwhelmed at how many people offered up ideas for things I should try to cook.  I am grateful!  Every single recipe that was sent to me has been printed out, and will be tried.  Thank you so much to all who took the time to send me your favorites.  And thanks to Pat J. for my husband’s new favorite slogan, “”Everything’s better with butter and bacon!”]

So, Your Skill Set Is….?

I’ve been getting more emails than normal, due to my nomination for the Bloggies 2009 Best-Kept Secret Weblog (Vote now please, and I promise I’ll stop talking about it after next Monday, when voting closes).  A lot of people want to know if I can fix the raffle that Fatty’s holding over at his place, and Yes I Can, for the right price.  No no no I jest.  I’ve had a lot of people wondering about my job list over there under my ugly mug on the side.  (That picture is up because Roan took it not too long ago, and he really liked it.  His words, “Mom you should give that picture to the internet.”  So Internet, there you go.  Sorry, no returns or exchanges.)  A few people asked if I’ve had problems holding a job.  That’s funny because yes I have.  Though I’m really good at a lot of things, let’s just say that I’ve figured out that I have to be the boss, applesauce.  I have a hard time working with people, and an even harder time working for people.  It’s actually a flaw that sucks because there have been good opportunities in my life that I’ve had to throw away because of my inclination to eh…. not thrive…. in a partnership setting.  Still, this proclivity has resulted in a rich variety of experiences that I wouldn’t trade for any one steady profession. 


More Soju, Ajima!

A few people wanted to know how I got involved in teaching English in Korea.  That was easy.  I was in a relationship for years that finally ended.  I looked at the map and found the point on Earth that was the very furthest away from where the relationship was taking place, and went there.  Seoul, Korea as it turns out.  I lived in a Yogwan called the Moon Hwa with about 20 other people and shared an outdoor kitchen and common shower/bathroom.  I slept on the floor and ate a lot of cereal called Jolly Pong, and drank a lot of Soju.  The days I spent there are a little blurry but I recall being happy almost every moment.  Life was stripped down and simple.  I had no possessions and it was then that I realized that it was ok to live like that.  That feeling has not left me, and I still prefer experiences to things.


I Could Now Win Any Karaoke Contest, Anywhere.

From there I went to Japan when my friend Steve told me about an opportunity to be a bartender in Nagano.  Truly, I only had to know one drink, Whiskey and Water.  That’s just how they do.  Unforseen though, was the expectation that I could and would sing Karaoke songs at my customer’s request.  As luck would have it, Steve and I could do an absolutely wildly pitch-bending and off-key (me) version of “You’re the One That I Want” from Grease.  Oh man if my friends could have seen me then….


So the Moral is: “Don’t Think Things Through.”  Don’t Tell my Son.

My relationship detox ended, and I had to return to my real life back in the States.  It has been about ten (eleven?) years since I was in Asia.  My time there was life changing and I made friends who I will think about for the rest of my life (Hi Ben, Steve, Jamie, Mika, and Melissa!)  I feel like I had the best kind of luck to be able to get up and just go there, without realizing that realistically I probably shouldn’t.  If I had thought it through I never would have gone.  But that is the benefit of having this tenacity that doesn’t allow me to collaborate – I think I’ve got all the right answers and sometimes it works out that I actually do.


7 responses to “I Will Travel the World to Escape You. I’m Like That.

  1. Gabe is going to Japan in 2 months. Any tips or must-see sights for him. He’s a bit freaked, traveling half way around the world without mom, but I think it’s just the thing to do at 12 years old. Blast his head wide open!

  2. When I was in my early 20’s, I wanted to travel the world. While the desire was there, the bravery was not. Now in my late 30’s, I am happily married and have three great kids. But looking backwards, I do wish that I would have taken that time to go out on my own. Your stories are so fun to read, this one just reminded me of something I didn’t do. Maybe it’s something I can do still, just after all the kids are gone. I wonder if Japan would be fun for a couple in their 60’s?

  3. Oops just tried to post but it didn’t take. Just wanted to say that I was in Taiwan teaching at around the same time you were in Korea. I still miss it every day, and appreciate the reminder.

  4. I almost killed myself spending a year in Australia and a year in England when I was 21/23 respectively. Not quite as brave, since the language barrier didn’t exist, but still pretty rad. Back when I was too stupid to know better, I was actually pretty smart!

  5. LeLaLu,Oh man if you’d been my mother this whole planet would be different. Sending him to Japan at 12 rocks. Umm, I’m assuiming there’s some guardianship happening. Email me and let me knwo when he’s going, and where he’s going and I’d be more than happy to throw in some ideas. Yay for Gabe! Konichiwa

  6. Just voted for you, just subscribed to your blog. Great writing. Keep it coming.

  7. Hey Jodi,I miss Japan and Nagano and Oh Canada and you guys and the whole of what it was and when it was… but not in a bad miss it way… just a ‘natuskashii’ kinda wasn’t that fun kind of way. So glad you share so much on this blog. It’s been fun to catch up on your life :)Love and kisses your way!

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