Benign Girl, Your Day Has Arrived

[Note from Jodi:  Mommy Poppins is just cuckoo enough to let me start suggesting links to her readers, thrice per week.  Find out what makes my brain go boom!  Here.]

And NOW:  While shopping in my Brooklyn neighborhood at one of the fine boutiques or at least a knock-off warehouse, I stumbled upon this gem and was of course, compelled to share it with you.  Scoop this up if you can find it….Because finally young girls and boys deserve to play with a toy that is not a threat to life or long-term health, especially by being noncancerous. 



77 responses to “Benign Girl, Your Day Has Arrived

  1. I’d give anything to have been at the business meetings where they came up with that name.

  2. Since when do toys have to be cancer-free? Totally discriminatory! This is hilarious. I want 5.

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  4. If I send you the money, will you ship some of these to me? I need them. Please.

  5. Finally some sensible middle ground between the original Barbie and tralier Trash Barbie.

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  73. i like this concept. i ll bye it to my daughter.

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