Post-Op Wrap Up

I’m home now.  Can I just say that the worst part of the whole experience is after the experience?  I fancy myself to be a tough guy.  But the anesthesia absolutely kicked my ass.  I have never been so beat-up as when the surgery was over, and hours later (for the next twenty-eight hours in fact) I was so wickedly nauseous I just couldn’t bear it.  But I had to bear it.  And to make it worse, I couldn’t keep down any pain medication.  And worse than that, I couldn’t pee for hours and hours afterwards.  How weird is that?  This surgery was the first I’ve ever had, so I didn’t even know that was a possibility.  It was very unnerving. 


In case you’ve ever heard that song, “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner (yeh, I had to Google the artist) I’ll tell you what love is.  When it became apparent that I was going to be spending a good amount of time hunched over the toilet loosing all of my guts, Anson expressed his true love in the most meaningful way.  During my first break lying on the couch, he ran into the bathroom, and cleaned it, focusing on the toilet, where I would be hanging out for a long tortuous time.  That’s right.  Love expressed through Clorox.  Tell a friend.


But still it all went well and I’m on the mend.  Thanks to everyone that emailed me and left comments and said prayers.  Also, I promise to never write about peeing and vomiting again, unless it is germane to the topic at hand.  Then you know, first amendment rights and all that. 

Here’s a  picture from me that almost got Anson kicked out of the hospital.  It was taken right after surgery and I’m pretty sure I’m saying something obscene with my middle finger because when I’m on drugs I turn into a twelve year old.  But given the scolding Anson got for taking it from the nurse, I feel obliged to post it.  Also the glamourous way I was clearly feeling cannot be kept to myself.  Tell me – does that gown/sheet/hairnet/mask combo make me look fat?



63 responses to “Post-Op Wrap Up

  1. Congrats on a successful surgery!!!!

  2. I’m sure glad things went well and you’re back home. Myself, I feel fortunate that I don’t have a problem w/ anesthetics because that would have ruined the lap dance I got in recovery after the last knee surgery. Nurse Amy almost inspired a letter to Penthouse, but my wife and parents were there. BTW, I think Anson did his duty, cleaning the bathroom and all, with valor. I’m glad you’re proud of him, as you should be. Good luck on your recovery!

  3. Hey, you are back!I thought about your struggle the past couple of days and was hoping that things had gone as well as possible.The picture? Kinda looks like you are about to start the Macarena. Obviously you must have been delirious.Best wishes and hopes for you and your family as you recover.

  4. We’re glad you’re home. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. WOO HOO! Glad to see you’re back “up” and writing. Here’s hoping you have a speedy FULL recovery!

  6. yay for being home! (I hope you can eat, that helped me after surgery–if I took the pain meds w/o food I got spectacularly sick.) I hope this is the end to your medical adventure!

  7. Glad you’ve made it through okay! Good to see you’re supported so well by your husband.I would say that you do not look fat, but will also say that surgery, vomiting and peeing are excellent ways to lose weight (at least in the short term).BTW, what the heck is wrong with taking a pic, eh? There aren’t any hospital or medical personnel in the frame…

  8. If you ever have trouble with urinating again after surgery. While sitting on the toilet……. blow bubble (through a straw) into a cup of water. Works every time. I know – 4 c-sections !!Glad you are feeling better

  9. No, the photo doesn’t make you look fat, it does make you look a bit like a bus just ran you down, and left you beside the road for dead. Okay, not QUITE that bad, but you get the idea. Probably pretty much like you actually FELT!I’m glad to say that I have no problem with pain killers of any sort, because as many as I consume, every day, I’d be upchucking constantly. (Now, don’t you feel better for that bit of Knowledge?)Rest, Recover, recuperate, even.

  10. Yeah, anesthesia is a mofo. I’ve never gotten the pain medication down for the exact same reason. Thankfully, it dovetails with my ridiculous threshold for pain. That being said, you may have defined love. Anson is a keeper. Get better soon.

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