I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life

We’ve been spending the week in a home big enough to house three families in the Berkshires.  The children have plenty of room to run around, and a front, back, and side yard to explore, as well as forest all around.  The snow has been falling in the way that I remember from my childhood, and colossal trees grab the flakes like they are posing for a portrait. 


This morning, with over ten inches of snow, we all knew that sledding was in order.  However, there are no sleds here.  Lori, my sister, began fashioning a sled from cardboard while I began rummaging through the garage.  When I spied with my little eye a beautiful red kayak, I knew my answer was right in front of me.


Dan (formerly known as my brother-in-law who confronts angry elves at Santa Land) and Boone were the first to go down the hill.  They crashed marvelously into the forest, and emerged with scrapes, bruises and smiles.  Boone wasn’t discouraged and went again and again. 


Eventually Roan worked up the confidence to take a run at the hill with Boone.  I do not believe I’ve ever seen such a look of fright and exhilaration in his eyes.  As fortune would have it, only Dan ended up with any bloody parts (his shins, but it is probably just karmic payback for angering the elves) and after a lunch of hotdogs the boys are begging to take another run.


We’ve already put off returning home by one day, and are trying to come up with ways to extend our stay here even longer.  It is a magical time with family that I don’t think will ever be forgotten.  Besides the outdoor element, we have all been in utter amazement at Roan’s proficiency at Wii Bowling.  We’re not letting him win, but he wins – by a huge margin – every time.  I do not think my son has gone to bed before 10:00 pm the entire time we’ve been here, he has consumed more soda and potato chips than ever before, he has his cousins at his disposal 24 hours a day and has been grinning like a lunatic pretty much non-stop.  I think we could safely say that we are having an utterly superior and rocking Holiday Vacation.


8 responses to “I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life

  1. I have a mix of childhood vacations in my head. They all seem to run into each other, and I can’t really sort out which belong to what year. However, the images that you’ve put up, with the descriptions here seem to indicate that your family is having such an extraordinary time. Your son is so lucky to have you documenting these things.

  2. I think Wii bowling is rigged. My 7 year old daughter has the 3 highest scores on the console. And this is supposed to be my backup sport… my name is still painted on the honour board at the local bowling alley 19 years after the fact.

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