Runnin’ With the Devil

[Note from Jodi: The New Year makes me want to  make lists of things I like.  I’m going to do that, but later.  Right now I have this to offer, because I’m out of town, on vacation, and can’t give you the real post you deserve right now.  Still, you’re the kind of reader who will take this and appreciate it because that’s how you are.  I like you a lot.  Here’s one for now.]


I’ve always looked to the sport of running as a way to clear my head and have some time to myself.  I love it.  Since I’ve moved to New York, though, I love it even more.  My favorite course to run puts me through the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, and Dumbo.  I then get the pleasure of running across the Manhattan Bridge with a devastatingly beautiful view of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.  I weave through China Town, and back onto my side of the river across the Brooklyn Bridge (again with a beautiful view of the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges, and the Statue of Liberty to boot), on through Brooklyn Heights, and then back home.  Here’s a glimpse of the things I see:






                                                                                    Happy New Year!


60 responses to “Runnin’ With the Devil

  1. Flat gorgeious. Next time I am in NY, I would like to walk over the bridgwe with you!

  2. This is why I love it here too. It is beautiful even where it is ugly.

  3. Cool! Thanks for sharing.

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