This has been So Much Fun but now I Really Must Rest


This past weekend rocked.  I rocked.  Roan rocked.  Anson rocked.  I am tired, though.  Let me tell you why.

Friday:  Class party at Roan’s school.

My Assignment:  Rock the Gingerbread decorating station.

Means: Homemade
frosting (custom colored by Roan’s special blend of food coloring)
Plenty of M&M’s, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and of course

Outcome:  Successfully got all children spun out on sugar, and made a hasty exit.


Friday One Hour Later:  It began to snow for the first time for real this year.

My assignment:  Break Roan out of school early to play with me in the snow.

Means:  Used the “I’m his Mother” line.  It Rocked.

Outcome:  Duh.  We rocked.

Friday Evening: Private party with Roan’s friend who can’t attend Official Birthday Party.

My Assignment: Arrange to see “The Tale of Despereaux”.  Be cool about soda, popcorn and candy prices as well as nutritional implications.

Means:  Find “Happy Place”.  Stay there.

Outcome:  Found it, Rocked it.  Enough stamina to keep the party rocking back at friend’s house and get Roan to bed much too late.


Friday Night:  Make Roan’s Birthday Party Cakes.

My Assignment:  Self-explanatory.

Means:  Make Anson do it.

Outcome:  Awesome.  The cakes rocked.


Saturday:  Host Roan’s Official Five-Year-Old Birthday Party 2008.

My Assignment:  Throw Roan a party to rival last year’s Disco Party.

Means:  Booked old-school bowling alley, invited the homies, relaaaaaxed.

Outcome:  Good friends, good bowling, good cake, bad lighting.  Still, it rocked.



Saturday Night:  Christmas Party.

My Assignment:  To enjoy my friends and their friends and make some new friends.

Means:  Get drunk so I’m once again the best dancer in the world.  (I jest.  I am the best dancer in the world always and forever with or without alcohol but really it wasn’t that kind of party.)

Outcome:  ROCKED!  Amazing food, Roan hung out with his best friend, Anson and I got to hang out with some of our best friends and walked home through our Brooklyn neighborhood with a sleepy kid hoisted in Anson’s arms, once again going to bed much too late.


Sunday:  Go to The Big Apple Circus

My Assignment:  HA!  Actually this was an assignment for Mommy Poppins.  This is totally my kind of work. 

Outcome:  Read about it at Mommy Poppins like I told ya!



8 responses to “This has been So Much Fun but now I Really Must Rest

  1. So how would you feel about adopting a 33 year old (almost 34!), and his wife and kids? All are potty trained and somewhat psychotic, but fun!

  2. I had a crazy weekend too. Whatever youth and energy I had is now lost. I can’t believe it takes me until Tuesday to get my mojo back.

  3. Don – No way could I outdo the fun that you provide. Afterall, if I’m not mistaken, phun is part of your identity! However, since you are potty trained plus psychotic I’ll give it a go. Pack up the family and we’ll move you into the kitchen! Emily – I feel you. No rebounding in 45 minutes like the olden days. Still, it is a better kind of tired. I don’t feel that I’m minus brain cells at the end of this family-friendly bender. That’s a treat.

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