Roan’s Go Fug Yourself Roundup

This weekend after we’d worked on Quadratic Equations, reduced our Carbon Footprint and served Homeless Orphans lunch, Roan and I were looking at the Fug Girls website.  It may be something that I mandate we start doing together on a regular basis.  Because while the website is great on its own, it is even better when narrated by a five-year-old boy.  Following are pieces of our conversation:


“She looks like a good witch.”     “I like the black dress. But Mom?     “It is shiny.  That doesn’t mean
                                                 You can kind of see her boob.”         I like it.”


“This is so pretty but if         “What?!  She doesn’t look like       “What. The. Heck?  That is not
she runs you will probably     an adult!  She’s a kid with a big      Hermione. 
No it isn’t.  Un-UH!
see her underwear.”              head!”                          &
nbsp;              No it isn’t.  No it isn’t.  No…”


27 responses to “Roan’s Go Fug Yourself Roundup

  1. Ok now I have one more site to check on a daily basis. How did I not hear of the Fug Girls before this? Now, if only I could get a 5 year old to give me some commentary. Maybe you should make this a regular feature.

  2. i think your son may have a future in celebrity styling. i’m not too impressed by any of these looks, either.

  3. I think he may be being too kind. Jennifer Anniston is likely to show off more than her underwear if she runs in that outfit.

  4. The Fug Girls have gotten me through some very rough times, and mended some important friendships. They deserve a Nobel Prize. And you should absolutely send them Roan’s comments. I think they would enlist him to write for their site.

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