New York Holidays


I love living in New York during the Holiday Season.  It brings back the feelings I had when I was a kid of being excited, of not knowing what’s around the corner.  In Union Square there is a little outdoor shopping village full of vendors selling everything from Freudian Slippers to the worlds best Hot Cider.  There’s also a Farmer’s Market that happens to have the most delicious Molasses cookies I have ever tasted.  Union Square also never lacks for things to simply look at.  I happened upon a woman in a chicken suit, a documentary of some sort being made, and a Human Passion Tree, which was made up of young girls, arms entwined, symbolizing a tree trunk.  There were cutout leaves you could write what you are passionate about, and then stick them on the girls.  I don’t know why.  Still, there it was.


After Union Square, we put the Christmas tree up.  Roan was quite literally about to explode if we didn’t purchase one of the many trees lining our Brooklyn blocks.  In my neighborhood there are Christmas tree vendors on almost every corner, and walking down the street there is an amazing scent of fresh-cut pine.  Now we have a new morning ritual – Roan plugs in all the lights, pulls up his TV tray and little chair to the tree and eats breakfast while I camp on a pillow next to him and sip my coffee.  We tell each other how lucky we are to have this Best Tree In The World living in our home.  The Mustache and its Host wander out of the bedroom and sit in front of the tree and I can see Roan filing these memories away, these feelings of what it is to be a Brooklyn Boy in the Holiday Season.



19 responses to “New York Holidays

  1. Great tree! even better if you happen to be lucky enough to see it in real life!

  2. I think we’ve finally found someone for Bike Snob NYC.He frequently writes about riding around NY in his chicken suit.The woman making the documentary would be perfct for him.

  3. leroy – how possible do you think it is that I’ve unintentionally blown his cover? this could be the biggest expose ever – Bike Snob is a lady!

  4. my favorite christmas ever was in new york. i envy you getting to live there. shopping is so epic and frenetic, it feels like the whole city is buzzing. have fun and enjoy your time and try not to get too worn out.

  5. Jodi – I’m a fellow Mommy Poppins contributor. You’re an awesome writer and I enjoy following your blog. Thanks for sharing your stories!

  6. I’ve never been to new york, but many said that New York is one great city and a ‘must’ city to visit. I do hope I can visit Big Apple someday and shop for my favorites.

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