Please Stop Throwing Up, or How I Learned to Love Dramamine

Roan has a major weakness: he throws up often.  No kidding I believe that child has thrown up more in his (almost) five years than I have in my many-more-than-that-years and that is saying something as I have had ample opportunities to loose it.  From amusement parks to irresponsible drinking, I’ve been there, but Roan has me beat, to be sure.  This past week as we headed on a road trip with my sister’s family I kept my fingers crossed that Roan’s carsick days were past him.  After all, we’d traveled a few times in the summer with friends in their vehicles and Roan’s stomach had remained intact.  Still, those trips had mainly been on highways and had drivers that were less…..dynamic……than Dan, my sister’s husband. 


My poor son started the trip out with nothing but enthusiasm, hope and excitement that had been building for weeks as he anticipated our vacation.  However, around 45 minutes into the trip I noticed his demeanor changed, he got quiet, and looked like he was hanging on for dear life.  I have to hand it to that kid – every time I asked if he was ok, he said, “yes” with such reach for it to be true that I almost believed him. And when the inevitable finally came knocking on his door, Roan heroically threw-up into his favorite pillow rather than on the upholstery and I was proud.  Is that too much information?  I’ll skip the rest of the story with just this last bit – he had a few hours to go, and hit the bag/bucket combo we fashioned every time.  That’s a good kid.


He seemed to get worse on trips through town while on vacation – Roan ended up not being able to tolerate even relatively short drives – always hitting his limit at around 40 minutes.  To his cousin’s credit, they developed a reflex of plugging their ears and closing their eyes, which was funny, but really a sad situation all around. 

Finally, I agreed to give Dramamine a try for the ride home.  That drug gave me a glimpse into Roan’s future that I’ll likely not be invited to as he sat with eyes half-closed, a wan smile on his face, falling over slowly, sideways.  I felt a little guilty for apparently getting my child stoned but putting that aside, YAY!!  He slept peacefully for most of the drive, and when he was awake he was happy and able to enjoy the road-trip part of the vacation.  It was such a relief – for the entire carload. 

I have no idea if Roan will grow out of this motion sickness hell he has and I have nothing but wonder at how he can ride the Scrambler at Coney Island but can’t sit in a mini-van.  These are the great questions in my life, but now at least I have my answer.  Dear Dramamine, I love you.


12 responses to “Please Stop Throwing Up, or How I Learned to Love Dramamine

  1. My friend’s daughter also gets really bad motion sickness. I don’t know if they’ve found a solution yet, but I do know it was always worse when her father was driving!

  2. Ah, poor little guy… I’ve had my own issues with motion sickness and tried Dramamine for the first and last time on my family’s sailboat– Conking out on deck and waking up four hours later with a sunburn so bad I could barely walk convinced me there had to be other options (Though I’ve yet to find any. I’ve just stayed off the sailboat.). I hope you can perhaps find an herbal supplement or something that has less extreme side-effects than Dramamine. But it’s very cool to see that he’s still got his rainbow hair!

  3. I think he’ll grow out of it. My son had those same problems, and they just sort of faded away. I always wanted to try the Dramamine solution, but remembered too late everytime. I guess you have to give it before they start feeling sick? That calls for preperation, not my strong suit.I’m also happy to see the rainbow hair again. So cute.

  4. Poor kid. I had a few years where flying made me want to puke and got some acupressure wristbands in the airport gift shop which helped. They look like this, but it doesn’t matter what brand you get. I don’t know if a four year old would be willing to wear them, however, they take some getting used to. Good luck.

  5. Poor kid. I went through a period where flying made me want to puke. I got some acupressure wristbands which helped. They look like this:, only it doesn’t matter what brand you get. And I’m not sure a four year old would be willing to wear them, they feel a little weird and take some getting used to. Good luck.

  6. that was the story of my childhood. ugh – it’s the worst. it lasted for me well into my teens. the wristbands helped me tremendously. i can finally go on boats without losing it.

  7. Dear Roan,I feel you buddy. I realize that 1966 was ancient times to you, but in 1966 while enroute to a Campfire Girls event, I threw up all over my Dad’s shoulder. I was trying to tell him he REALLY needed to pull over. Forty years later, I threw up in Honouli Malo’o Bay…in the bay, while trying to snorkle. I hope you grow out of it. Good luck little man.Wine Dog

  8. BurkeInTheOzarks

    Yeah, I was another professional yakker as a kid. My bother would read comic books the whole trip with no problem. I’d look at one for 15 seconds and lose it. I learned to either look outside at the scenery or go to sleep. Looking at anything inside the car for too long was a recipe for disaster.I grew out of it, mostly (I still can’t read in the car). I’m sure he will, too.

  9. You should try ginger pills. You can find them right next to the ginko biloba, down from the echinacea at most friendly grocery store pharmacies. That, and the accupressure wrist bands (my brand is SeaBands– love those things), and when I just know it’s going to be a bad day, Bonine. Bonine is like Dramamine, but no tired zonk-out.My research has been done under some very trying conditions– trying to navigate for my brother and, later, my boyfriend, on lots brisk time-speed-distance road rallies and much faster rally racing. Can’t be falling asleep during any of that! 🙂

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